KREWE is “creative collaboration.” Full of personality and expression, this line stands out on our shelves and will without a doubt draw your eyes and attention.

KREWE was founded in 2013 by Stirling Barret, an artist and a New Orleans native. He wanted to create something unique, as well as inspire and celebrate everyone’s individual style. Every piece is designed in New Orleans and inspired by the culture and lifestyle of the people that reside there. KREWE uses the most gorgeous color combinations, especially seen in their mirrored lenses and acetate patterns. There is a wonderful mixture of simple and classic styles, and unusual and trendy pieces seen in the collection.  The names and construction of the frames are inspired by streets, neighborhoods, history and architecture in NOLA. One of the most popular styles, the St. Louis, mimics the cast iron balconies that are seen in the French Quarter’s stunning architecture. This sunglass is just one of many sought after styles, and all carry a piece of New Orleans distinctive culture.

KREWE’s Rise to Popularity

KREWE has risen dramatically in popularity thanks to the many celebrities that have brought these frames to life! Barret has used social media to influence people and enable them to connect with the glasses. You’ve most likely seen the collection of frames on famous models and celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Allesandra Ambrosio, Reese Witherspoon and Beyonce. Although these “it-girls” have made this line desirable to many, the frames are all completely unisex. If you are fashion driven or just searching for something different, KREWE is the line to check out.

The quality and materials used to create these frames are first-class, making fit and comfort easy. You will see titanium, hand carved premium acetate and 24K gold-plated hardware, and a strong barreled hinge incorporated.

Need prescription lenses? All of the frames can be made with a prescription. At Eclectic Eye, we can match those fabulous mirror coatings to keep that original look of the frame that you fell in love with.  For those who don’t need a prescription, some frames have an anti-reflective coating on the back side of the lenses. This reduces glare, as well as lets more light into your eye, which allows for better comfort and clarity of vision. Many of the frames have a polarized lens, which reduces glare and protects your eyes from damaging UV Rays.

If you fall in love with a frame on the KREWE website that we don’t have, we’ll order it for you and have it shipped store for a nominal fee. This way, you get the exact frame you want, and our amazing service.

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