Booth & Bruce is the brain child of owners and designers Peter Booth and Jeremy Sutton. Peter and Jeremy wanted to develop an English brand that would appeal to the “more forward thinking eyewear connoisseur.” Funky and fashionable was their goal. They began their journey by designing spectacles for their own optical stores in London and Brighton in the 1990s. By the late 1990s it was apparent that their vision was well received. Since then, the brand has grown to a global level and is carried in specialty eyewear shops around the world. Despite their global success, the brand prides itself on its ability to stay true to their original design and ideals. Booth & Bruce refer to their designs as “organized chaos.” They revamped British eyewear by merging chaotically conflicting design elements.  Mixed color schemes and daring design come together to create the modern and fun line that we love!

Although Booth & Bruce designed their line with the fashion forward in mind, the frames themselves are built to stand the test of time. Booth & Bruce frames are made of high quality acetate and metal. The frames are designed in England and manufactured in Japan. This process ensures the unique design and high quality we have grown to love and expect.

This is one instance where the old cliché, you get what you pay for, does not hold true. One of our favorite aspects of the Booth & Bruce collection is its price tag. This frame line is perfect for the fun-loving and savvy eyewear connoisseur. Who doesn’t love a deal on a unique and adventurous frame?

The Booth & Bruce line consists of four different collections sure to meet the needs and desires of any eyeglass wearer. The collections and styles range from street-wear casual to black-tie elegant. The “Classic” collection is the perfect line for those with a slightly more conservative palate. In this collection, soft shapes are paired with strong colors. Chunky acetate helps to give the frame an oversized look without overwhelming the petite wearer. The “Design Range” collection is great for those with an artistic flare. In this collection, bold designs are paired with interesting accent pieces and unique hardware. The “Here and Now” collection is one of our personal favorites. The collection is vintage inspired and characterized by bigger styles and retro shapes. The “Sun” collection is a unique collection of sunglasses whose name are selected to match the character of the design. The “Hipster Obviously” and “City Boy” are just a few that make you look and feel cool on a hot summer day.

We agree with Booth & Bruce that frames are NOT designed and manufactured to sit pretty on a shelf. We want to see the frames on YOU!  The “Me Myselfie and I” campaign encourages you to take a photo of yourself wearing your Booth & Bruce frame and share it on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using #BandBSelfie. We can’t wait to see you in your new Booth & Bruce frame!

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