As Optometrist, Dr. Carrie Irvine is responsible for delivering the highest level of eye health and vision care possible, including fitting patients for eyewear, treating all eye conditions and educating patients.

Dr. Irvine has been with Eclectic Eye since September 2014. She graduated from The University of Mississippi in 1999 and earned a doctorate in optometry from Southern College of Optometry in 2003. Prior to working at Eclectic Eye, Dr. Irvine worked as an optometrist with Lifesigns Physical Examination for 10 years.

When Dr. Irvine is not working, she can be found right down the street from Eclectic Eye at her Midtown home, where she lives with her husband Jack and their twins, Jack and Virginia.

“I love all the people I work with, and all my patients are fabulous, as well. One of my favorite things about working at Eclectic Eye is finally being able to spend time with my patients and provide a high level of care to them, which I’ve always wanted to do. It’s also wonderful to see all these lovely people with gorgeous eyewear.”