In 1872, Maison de Lunetterie Victor Gros was founded in Oyonnax, France by Edouard Gros. The original products produced by this company were hair ornaments. It was not until the 1930’s that they switched gears from hair accessories to eyewear. The reason for this change was that during this time, the hair trend for woman was moving towards short hairstyles and they no longer needed hair ornaments.

Maison de Lunetterie Victor Gros is a fifth-generation family company and was taken over by Thierry Gros in 1989. This is when the Traction Productions brand was created and they started their first collection of amazing eyewear. Since his takeover, the company has eternalized the local production in Jura, the birthplace of making eyewear. Jura was once known for its artisans, but when the Machine Age gave way in the mid-nineteenth century, it expanded their industrial operations. Jura is the trusted place for achieving the best quality in the industry.

While the brand was founded in France, its inspiration comes from California culture and displays the Californian modernity and spirit of freedom. The name Traction comes from a street in downtown Los Angeles named Traction Avenue, which was once known for its up and coming creatives. Focusing on style, elegance, uniqueness and technology, they chose to not include logos on any of their eyewear. Once you see these beauties, you will notice the unique styling and know that there is no need for a logo.  The pieces say enough by themselves and can be easily recognized.

The large selection available at Eclectic Eye provides many choices for anyone’s unique style and taste. One of the most impressive parts of Traction is that the frames fit very well despite the wacky designs.

Not only are the designs showstoppers, but so are the rich colors and patterns. The unlimited amount of colors and patterns represented in the line make them attractive and unique pieces of art. There is no end to what they can create to represent every person’s style and personality. Plus, they are made by experienced manufacturers and will last a lifetime.

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