2.5 by Italee

Have you ever considered an eyewear frame that isn’t so eclectic? Or, what about a frame that isn’t really a frame at all? You might even want to customize the colors of your eyewear to match your personality and your lifestyle. If so, you need to stop by Eclectic Eye and check out the 2.5 collection by Italee Optics!

When Eclectic Eye first opened its doors 16 years ago, we introduced Italee’s 2.5 collection to the Memphis eyewear market. Italee Optics is the parent company for the 2.5 design, which is based in Los Angeles. Italee has specialized in quality rimless eyewear services since 1995. They have since expanded their services to many optical shops across the United States, including Eclectic Eye, right here in Memphis!

You might know Italee for their collaboration with Japanese designer, Kazuo Kawasaki, in the mid ‘90s that popularized the Sarah Palin frame (Kawasaki 704), which is still made today. At Eclectic Eye, we carry the full Kazuo Kawasaki collection, along with our other Italee collections.

Italee Optics’ 2.5 independent eyewear line emphasizes an incredibly lightweight frame design. In fact, most frames weight about 2.5 grams with lenses included. 2.5 is an eyewear collection that is comprised of a completely rimless design. The lenses have to be drilled with holes in specific locations and then mounted to the frame. Therefore, the lenses do a lot of work to support the entire design of the frame, so only very durable lens materials are suited for these pieces, like Trivex.

Trivex is stronger and more durable than any other lens material, providing superior impact resistance while remaining extremely lightweight. The tensile strength of Trivex allows the lenses to be drilled for rimless frame designs like 2.5. Trivex is the ideal go-to material for a completely rimless frame.

What I like about this Italee Optics 2.5 is that it is very customizable. The lens shape and size can be designed to better fit your needs. 2.5 also makes a custom clip-on feature for frames that snaps onto the bridge for a nice, perfect fit.

Recently, I had a customer select two complete pairs of 2.5 frames, mixing up his favorite colors on each frame –orange and green. One frame was for full-time use and the other pair was for computer work and reading only. He switched up the temple colors so that he would know the difference between them –how clever!

If you are looking for a stylish, minimalist eyewear line, then you will love 2.5 by Italee at
Eclectic Eye!

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