Get to Know: Celina Aur

We are pleased to welcome Celina Aur to the Eclectic Eye team as our Doctor’s Assistant! Celina works with Dr. Weinberg to provide every patient with an exceptional experience during eye exams and other optometry services.

Education/Experience: A Memphis native, she has a bachelor’s degree in business from the University of the Incarnate Word. Celina has previously worked as a newborn hearing screener in a NICU. She worked as a medical scribe in an emergency room and in a cardiovascular clinic. She also worked as a client services manager of scribes working in ERs. Her extensive background in healthcare is one thing that makes her perfect for this role. Celina moved around a lot growing up and she is excited to be closer to home and working with her cousin, Lee!

Job Responsibilities: As the Doctor’s Assistant, Celina will prepare patients for eye exams and assist in the pretesting as well as the actual exam. She will maintain records and schedule appointments, as well as track and maintain an inventory of items needed for exams and other optometry services.

Volunteer Activities: Like all of our staff members ­– Celina Aur works to give back to her community. She is involved with Habitat for Humanity, the Salvation Army, The Miracle League, Ainsley’s Angels and Hearts Home USA.

Interest/Hobbies: Celina is an avid fan of music and the outdoors. She enjoys cycling and hiking, both in Memphis and in her travels. She is also a foodie, which puts her in hog heaven, thanks to the booming Memphis food scene!

The next time you come in for an eye exam or other services, be sure to say “hello” to Celina Aur and welcome her back to the Bluff City!