The Eclectic Eye Graphic Tee

Over the past years, graphic tees have become statement pieces in our wardrobes. No longer a thing of the past or shoved in the bottom drawer of our dressers, graphic tees have become so fashionable that we are going as far as building an entire outfit around them.

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“Elements” by Lynn Whitson

Lynn Whitson’s most recent series, “Elements,” emits a warmth of color and pure joy. Using acrylic paint, this series is mostly comprised of small works on canvases. It will be on display at our Midtown store until May 31. Be sure to stop by to browse her art!

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Introducing KREWE Optical

If you love KREWE’s sunglasses, then you will be ecstatic to hear that they have just released an ophthalmic (clear lens) collection of frames. The brand’s sun wear, which can be seen on celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Beyonce and Zayn put KREWE on the map as a much-desired eyewear brand.

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