“It’s always good to know a guy that knows a guy”

At Eclectic Eye, as purveyors of independent eyewear, we relish giving service that is above and beyond. Every so often the tools we need are not in our tool box (literally) so we have to “think outside the box” to deliver a truly exceptional level of service.

Recently, a customer found her perfect pair of eyewear by Rigards. The frame was ordered and hand crafted to perfection by the artisans in their Hong Kong atelier. As a bonus it came with a matching sun clip which is affixed to the frame with magnets. The frame provided the customer the perfect size, shape, color; everything she could ask for to add to her eyewear wardrobe. The clip on sunglasses, while a piece of art in their own respect, weren’t an exact fit for her personal style, but she couldn’t live without the frame so she forged ahead.

You may know Dave as a seasoned optician and weather aficionado (lovingly nicknamed “Doppler Dave”), but did you know he enjoys blacksmithing in his free time? Over the years he’s attended classes at the Ornamental Metal Museum and has an impressive set up at home that allows him to make all sorts of things. All of his pieces are a work of art, but many have a practical application too like wine racks, fire pokers, and key chains to name a few. When this customer made mention of her reservations about the ornate clip Dave’s blacksmithing lightbulb went off. Could he re-invent the clip to better suit this customer’s wants? We’re placing our bets on a big “YES!”.

First, very detailed drawings were made and measurements carefully taken to ensure that the clip would still align correctly with the magnets on frame. The forge was fired up, red hot steel was formed into the proper shape of the new bridge piece and carefully arched to match that of the original. When the shape and size of the steel was just right it was quenched, which is the technical term for rapidly cooling in water.

Once the size and positions of all of the slots, drill holes, and overall length were perfect it was permanently bonded and ready to be added to this customer’s eyewear wardrobe. 

Keeping with Rigards commitment of only using natural materials and metals in their construction was an important component of this transformation. The customer was thrilled with the modified clip, ready to take on the sunny Memphis summer. In this case it really was “good to know a guy!” and paid off for everyone involved.

For Dave, the customer’s awed reaction was payment for all of his hard work. Are you interested in seeing some of Dave’s handiwork? He’ll happily show you pictures of his past and current projects if you stop by the store. His creations make an awesome, unique gift!