Swissflex is back!

Everyone’s favorite rimless design is back at Eclectic Eye! We know we created many fans of the Swissflex brand over the years, and it’s finally made it’s way back to our midtown shelves.

Hailing from Switzerland, Swissflex offers a modular system perfect for customizing. The collection offers a minimalistic, lightweight frame construction, so you don’t feel like you’re wearing glasses, and plenty of colors and shapes. Invented in 1996,  Markus Caviezel has always had a passion for innovation and optimization in any entrepreneurial endeavor he encountered. This mindset led him to create Swissflex with the belief that eyewear should be about the functionality of the product rather than focus on the brand name. The frames are made from a hypoallergenic mixed material of Swissflex’s own design and offers the ideal balance between stability and flexibility.

Eyewear Architects can help you create a custom combination that perfectly reflects your style and and supports your visual needs. Call or text us to make an appointment to build your next pair! 901-276-3937