Although we’re known for our unique frame selection and commitment to ensuring our customers enjoy clear vision, we never lose sight of your eye health. The optometrists at Eclectic Eye are the foundation and just the beginning of the exceptional service you can expect when you walk through our doors.

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Discover a higher standard of eye care with our comprehensive eye exams. Our optometrists go above and beyond for patients, providing eye exams that are more thorough than the optometry industry standard.

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Contact Lenses

Experience the freedom of clear vision with our expert contact lens services. Our optometrists specialize in fitting all types of lenses. Even if you’ve been told you can’t wear contacts, we use advanced technology to find the best fit for you.

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Other Eye Care Services

Elevate your eye care with Eclectic Eye’s range of specialized services. including LASIK evaluations, seamless referrals to top specialists, medical eye care, and expert assistance during eye emergencies.

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Eclectic Eye Optometrists

Our skilled optometrists form the cornerstone of our uniquely professional Midtown eye care. Their expertise extends from comprehensive eye exams that go above and beyond the industry standard to specialized services, such as precise contact lens fittings and guidance through LASIK evaluations. Our optometrists also seamlessly facilitate referrals to top specialists and provide expert assistance during unexpected eye emergencies. Trust us to prioritize your eye health and deliver an exceptional, personalized care experience.

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Eyewear Architects

The optometrists at Eclectic Eye work closely with our Eyewear Architects to help you with your visual needs after your exam. Our Eyewear Architects are committed to getting the best fit for your eyeglasses and contact lenses in order to allow the expert recommendations of the doctor to translate to your real-life needs. Our team’s focus is to provide comprehensive care, not only for your eye health, but for your overall wellness.

Meet our Eyewear Architects

Meet our team of exceptional Memphis eye doctors or learn more about choosing your perfect pair of eyeglasses.


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