Quality service doesn’t stop after an eye exam with our top-notch Eye Doctors. At Eclectic Eye, we take pride in delivering unparalleled care as you select the perfect eyeglass frames.

We don’t just see eyewear as a tool; it’s a powerful form of individual expression—transforming into a statement, a fashion accessory, and a functional part of your wardrobe. Our Eyewear Architects are passionate about helping you find frames and lenses that suit your lifestyle, personality, and prescription.

Whether you walk in off the street or schedule an appointment, you can expect our team to go above and beyond to help discover the perfect frames to compliment your style.

Professionalism and White-Glove Service
Discovering the perfect eyeglasses is an art, and at Eclectic Eye, we make it a personalized, white-glove experience. From the moment you step through our Midtown doors, finding or fitting you with the perfect eyeglasses is our priority.

Our Eyewear Architects are well-trained professionals who are committed to understanding your vision needs and capturing your distinctive style. Think of them as personal shoppers, suggesting frames based on your unique features and helping you find, enhance, and reflect your personal style through the eyewear chosen.

“They are so knowledgeable about what they have, and they get to know you too, as a person, and find out what you like to do and what your interests are…You walk in there and you feel like you’re family.” – Netty Divirgilio

“It was the first time I’d ever experienced someone helping me shop for frames. Lindy went around the store and made suggestions and went around herself and picked frames she thought would look good. She gave me a lot of personal feedback…It was like having a personal shopper.” – Tina Sullivan

One-of-a-Kind Experience
The benefits of trying on frames in person are unparalleled. When you shop with us, you can explore a variety of styles and assess how your frames will look and feel before making a decision. Feel the weight, appreciate the craftsmanship, and let your intuition guide you.

Our extensive collection features designer glasses from brands like Jacques Marie Mag, Theo Eyewear, and Anne et Valentin, alongside exclusively-curated collections that you won’t find elsewhere. These high-quality, independent brands ensure not only exceptional style but also durability and comfort.

“Obviously, it’s the only place in town where I know I can get such [an] amazing selection of fun interesting frames.” – Tina Sullivan

Eyeglasses Dispensing Appointment
Once you’ve selected the perfect pair of eyeglasses and lenses, your Eyewear Architect will set up a dispensing appointment. This way, you’ll not only know the exact date you’ll have your new frames, but you’ll also be absolutely confident in the fit and care of your eyeglasses.

During this glasses fitting, your Eyewear Architect will personally fit your new glasses. We’ll work with you to make adjustments so that you feel confident in your prescription and comfortable with how your frames fit. Your Eyewear Architect will also cover every detail about the use and care of your new eyeglasses, ensuring an experience beyond your expectations.

“They go above and beyond to try to help you get what you really want in a pair of frames, but also make sure you have the accurate prescription for your glasses.” – Ellen Zahariadis

Elevate Your Style with Eclectic Eye
Schedule a visit to our Midtown store or simply drop by to explore our full inventory of frames and lenses. Let your eyewear be more than just a tool—let it be a reflection of you. At Eclectic Eye, we’re not just selling glasses; we’re crafting an experience tailored to you.

To meet with an Eyewear Architect, stop by our eyewear gallery, call or text us at 901.276.3937, or submit the form below.  To schedule an eye exam with our doctors, call or text 901.276.3937 or request an appointment HERE.