My Life in Glasses

Bonnie Cameron, Eyewear Architect

I got my first pair of glasses when I was 16 months old – not a typo! I wasn’t even walking yet. I’ve worn glasses (probably a hundred pair by now) for so long, that I feel absolutely undressed without them. Eyewear has become an integral part of how I express my personality and style. My clothes tend to be minimalistic, so I love to spice things up with colorful shoes, funky accessories and amazing eyewear.  

When I was younger, I saw my glasses as a burden – something I HAD to wear. Now, they are always my favorite part of every outfit. Over the years, I’ve had glasses I’ve adored, glasses I’ve loathed and everything in between. Here’s a brief glimpse of my life in glasses.

This is my first pair of (now broken) baby glasses. Tiny bifocals for a tiny baby! 

Pair of broken, brown and yellow baby glasses

Quarter for scale.

brown and yellow baby glasses, with lenses that are only slightly larger than a quarter

My sister and me (and my tragic bangs) at Halloween, age 3.

Third grade school picture.

My cat Trixie and me, approximately age 11.

I think she wore those glasses better.

About age 14 with my dad and sister.

And finally, me in my all-time favorites! Anne et Valentine Arcade frame from Eclectic Eye. A classic.

Red box of multi-colored glasses