A little fun, a little quirky, 100% unique: The personal style of Tina Sullivan

One rainy afternoon, a stylish friend of Tina’s sent over a picture of her new glasses from Eclectic Eye. 

Tina fell in love instantly, so much so that she stopped what she was doing and ran over in the rain to find a new pair of frames that complemented her style as well. That first shopping trip landed Tina her very first pair of theo eyewear, and she’s never looked back. 

Throughout her seven years as an Eclectic Eye customer, Tina’s fun sense of style has been the driving force behind her frame selections – with some help from the Eyewear Architects.

“It was the first time I’d ever experienced someone helping me shop for frames,” Tina said, when asked about her first adventure with the Eyewear Architects. “They [the Eyewear Architects] gave me a lot of personal feedback on my frame selections. I was not used to having resources like that available while shopping for eyewear, and I really think having some direction and validation for my choices was helpful. It was like having a personal shopper.”

As the executive director of the Overton Park Conservancy, Tina plays a vital role in keeping everyone’s favorite park running smoothly. This means she is a familiar face in the city, and after becoming a stylish eyewear aficionado she’s even more recognizable, especially to other Eclectic Eye shoppers. 

“When I’m out in the world and I see someone else wearing some interesting frames, we’ll cast knowing glances at each other and say: Eclectic Eye? It makes me feel like I’m part of a community.”

Eclectic Eye loves having customers who lend a hand in keeping Memphis beautiful, and it’s important to us to support community organizations like the OPC. Their month-long event in October is called “Nature Zen” and is all about connecting the community to the healing power of nature. The Overton Park Conservancy is doing amazing things in our city, and we encourage you to learn more about the events and services they provide. 

While Tina does supplement her eyewear wardrobe with contact lenses, she still sees the value in having a few different pairs to choose from when the occasion calls for it. “I get a lot of compliments on my frames, and I always feel uplifted when I’m wearing them,” she said about the way her glasses make her feel when she’s out in the world.

Smiling woman in black top, green scarf, and green glasses looking over her right shoulder at camera

“Anytime I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I’m reminded that I’m presenting something to the world that is a little different, unique, and a little fun and quirky.”

Tina credits her eyewear with providing a “confident and finished” stamp on any outfit so she can look and feel great while serving the Memphis community.

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