2020 Eyewear Trends

Eyewear is an undeniable staple of fashion. Not only is it functional, but it can also serve as its own powerful statement. Like other fashion categories, eyewear will forever evolve. Yet, that age-old saying is true: what’s old shall someday be new again. Rocketing into a new decade has inspired many designers to take on fun and futuristic ideas, while enticing others to revive more classic, iconic looks. Here are a few 2020 eyewear trends you will undoubtedly notice throughout the year.

2020 Eyewear Trends

white frames memphis eyewearThere were many Roaring ’20s parties that started this year, but the angst-filled ’90s continue to have a place in the world of fashion. Designers continue to ride that wave into the new year with bold ivory-colored frames. Kurt Cobain’s legendary Christian Roth sunglasses surely inspired this look, but we are seeing less of his goggle-style sunnies and instead seeing chicer, more feminine versions. White frames go with anything. While they are striking, if paired with brightly-colored tops, they accentuate more than they pack a punch.

eyewear trendsThe aviator made a strong reappearance a few years ago. Not only as a classic sunglass, but also as an ophthalmic daily look for those willing to rock an oversized style. Now we are seeing eyewear designers soften that by deleting the double bar, turning it into a solo. In addition, they are making the frames a bit smaller, often more rounded and less oblong. This gives the subtle illusion that the lenses are almost floating, staying true to the lightweight, minimalist look that has stayed in vogue since 2017. We see versions of this with robust pops of color or in timeless golds or silvers – an excellent choice for those wanting their frames to be less “high kicks” and more conversation pieces.

Another way to achieve that minimal look with your eyewear is to don a slightly infused translucent frame. Many eyewear designers have released their own versions of these in 2020. Translucent frames, with just a kiss of color, are the perfect way to have an acetate frame that won’t overwhelm your style. Breezy and ethereal, these can elevate a spring or summer look by giving just the right amount of pop. Pinks, tans, olives and smoked grays give frames a wisp of hue that won’t overpower your daily style — ideal for those who are not fans of metal frames, offering the perfect intro into 2020 eyewear trends.

2020 Lens Trends

tinted lensesOne of the hottest trends so far this year is the tinted lens. Whether it’s brightly colored lenses or something a bit darker and moodier, this is the epitome of fashion blending with function. The recent Golden Globes exploded with celebrities rocking tinted lenses, both on the red carpet and during the ceremony. Eyewear icon Elton John naturally leads the pack with his extravagant eyeglasses. Al Pacino, Brian Cox, Patricia Arquette and Eddie Murphy were among the stars pulling off the non-clear lenses trend with ease.

Gone is the outdated idea that sunglasses can’t be worn inside, as this is functional while still being cool. A nice tint not only relaxes the eyes, but can be a seriously great mood booster. I mean, have you ever looked through a pair of rose-colored glasses? This look adds an edge of fun (or mystery) to any eyewear. However, if you’re one who will forever feel a tinted lens indoors is a fashion faux pas, transitions might be an excellent option for you. There are now many new colors, which can even be paired with a tint to create a custom look! Tim Allen sported a pair of amber transition lenses at the award show, which gave him a handsome sunglass on the sunny red carpet that shifted perfectly to a dusted tint by evening.

memphis eyewearI look forward to the innovative designs of eyewear that every new year brings. I also love that Eclectic Eye has such a diverse collection to offer customers. Trends may come and go, but they are perfect for elevating your eyewear wardrobe with a splash of something fun! Thankfully, most eyewear designers know that no matter how far they want to push against the grain, a classic look is always a must. Oftentimes, an old classic shape and color is the perfect complement to the face. Swing by Eclectic Eye so we can help you pick out frames that play into your favorite 2020 eyewear trends!