Get to Know: Anise

Help us welcome Anise Robinson to the Eclectic Eye team! As an Eyewear Architect, Anise helps our customers select eyewear that fits their personal style and individual needs.

Education/Job Responsibilities:

Anise is a graduate of Jackson State University and has a depth of experience working in customer service industries. She navigates our customers’ eyewear needs by offering solutions that are best suited to their lifestyles and taste. Not to mention, she’s a fabulous photographer! We’re thrilled to have her talents at Eclectic Eye.

Interests and Hobbies:

As a creative, Anise is drawn to everything from fashion to art galleries, Tone Art Gallery, in particular. These interests have driven her to design jewelry and paint in her free time. She loves to travel, so when she is off-duty, consider her in vacation mode.

What She Likes Most About Eclectic Eye:

Anise enjoys the creativity, empathy, and care that goes into each customer interaction. From the opticians, fellow eyewear architects, and lab technicians, everyone does their part to enhance the customer experience.

Favorite Line:

Anise’s favorite frame line is the avant-garde RIGARDS. Apart from their unique designs, she admires the brand’s commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and innovation.