The True Magic of Eclectic Eye

By Bramlett Dyles, Support Team Leader

For over a decade now, I have been selling eyewear. Fortunately, the last nine of those have been for Eclectic Eye. Eyewear has become quite the obsession for me. I live and breathe it and never tire of it! I used to think that the best part of my job was marrying the perfect frame with a patient and seeing the sparkle in their eyes when they first put it on, look into the mirror and realize, “this is the one.”EYE-BramlettStaffLook

Then I started working “behind the scenes” in the lab. Each and every order that is sold has to go through a rigorous process in the back. Each job is handled with TLC from many people before it reaches maturity, and we set it free to the customer. These processes are time-consuming and dauntless, but no shortcuts are taken, and everyone does his or her best to see it done perfectly.

When a job is complete, it’s sent back to the front of the store to be bundled and presented to the customer. It’s always a little sad to see each one go, but then the true magic happens! When that customer or patient puts on their new eyewear, we get to witness the transformation, how wonderful they feel, how much their lives are now improved, and how much their self-esteem has been lifted! This transformation has kept me coming back all these years and will continue to keep me coming back forever.