Once-a-year event at Eclectic Eye

Eclectic Eye is hosting an Anne et Valentin and theo eyewear Trunk Show at its Midtown, Memphis boutique this Saturday, April 18, from noon to 4 p.m.!

Both brands provide playful, bright and unique eyewear for the urban and vintage-inspired man or woman.

Anne et Valentin
Anne et Valentin is a staple brand in Eclectic Eye’s range of offerings and always has something new and unique to showcase.

They have been creating whimsical yet wearable eyewear in Paris for over 15 years, and each collection is an exciting surprise of fresh creativity. The collection combines spontaneous elements and classic details to create styles that really enhance your facial features.

theo eyewear
theo eyewear, out of Belgium, is an avant-garde collection that offers an enormous variety of eye-catching frames.

The quality of this line is expertly matched with their bold use of color and design. theo isn’t afraid to step way outside the box that is mainstream eyewear to offer you a playful everyday accessory with just the right amount of flair.