Anne et Valentin

Anne et Valentin tells the story of two lovebirds whose fate offered them a future which they shared both personally and professionally to create a product that provides a selection that is unique and original, coupled with a radically different sales philosophy. Named after its founders, Anne and Valentin, the line shows the personality and interest of both husband and wife.

The Anne et Valentin Story

The adventure of Anne et Valentin began in September 1980 when Valentin, the neo-hippie, obtained his optician’s degree and Anne was able to truly showcase her niche for design. From day one, rather than trying to adapt their customers to a frame, the couple opted for a deeper comprehension of who their customers could potentially be – how they move, live and think – in order to find the perfect frame, for the customer’s personality and particularities. In those days, their approach was nothing short of revolutionary.

In 1984, the first collection of Anne et Valentin was launched and named Anne et Valentin. This is when the true artistry in frame production for the company commenced. Anne began to draw the first designs and sent them to be prototyped in a small workshop. Their creations were and still are original, colorful and lively, all of which is combined with ergonomics, technical requirements and respect for those who wear them.

Anne et Valentin Today

Technology has made it possible for many revolutionary things to happen in the eyewear manufacturing industry, but Anne et Valentin has not lost its original touch in keeping its products handmade. Once the frame and the temples are cut out, in order to get a finished product, it takes an amazing 30 remaining steps.  Produced in Jura, France, the manufacturing capital of the optical industry, the value placed on quality and ingenuity is second to none.

From ophthalmic to sunglasses, Anne et Valentin offers many options in eyewear. While you may be looking for something very soft and feminine, the selections also tend to be bold without being obtrusive. Always able to make a statement, this line offers beauty in the form of matching a person’s personality, rather than forcing a personality onto a person.

This line also has great pieces available for petite faces. There are many people, men and women alike, that have smaller faces that oftentimes must wear children’s frames to find something that fits. This is not the case with Anne et Valentin. This lines loves to showcase smaller frames that are unique and fun. We love Anne et Valentin because the vision of the founders still stands true in every aspect of manufacturing, production, marketing and customer relationship. What more can you ask for in an independent eyewear line?

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