Say “Howdy” To VADA Eyes

Founded in 2013, VADA has its roots in beautiful, meticulously intricate fine jewelry, with antique and vintage collections specifically curated in line with creative director Katie Caplener’s mission to “source conflict-free fine-jewelry materials within the United States of America.” VADA’s products are made from the finest materials and are always responsibly sourced. Its Austin-based studio employs an all-female production team. VADA’s new line of eyewear is hand-crafted across the world in Japan.

VADA’s eyewear line, VADA Eyes, launched in March of 2020, mere days before the COVID-19 pandemic triggered sweeping lockdowns worldwide. Despite the circumstances, the instantly-iconic spirit of the line has amassed a notable following. Across collections, VADA frames incorporate bits and pieces of dainty hardware, detailing the merge of craftsmanship of both jewelry and eyewear. For both her jewelry and eyewear lines, Carpenter pulls from a variety of sources for inspiration: ancient art to modern dance, neoclassicism to current events, Texas’ country western style and Austin’s psychedelic nature, and the obscurest of corners that exist in between.

Caplener proudly and consistently reminds anyone who asks that her biggest inspirations are her grandmothers. Her maternal grandmother, Vada Joy, was “a woman who needed no occasion to buy herself jewelry.” In addition, Caplener’s late paternal grandmother, Dot, “sold a line of popular costume jewelry and melted down scrap jewelry to make designs of her own.” The impact of these women has driven VADA to operate with an uncompromising commitment to the quality of their production, simultaneously timeless and innovative designs, and unparalleled ecologically conscious packaging.

In an ongoing effort to support sustainability, every VADA order is mindfully packaged using eco-friendly materials from US facilities that operate exclusively on wind and solar energy. The shipping box is printed with all-natural vegetable inks on 100% Post-Consumer Waste recycled paper, padded with 100% PCW & PIW corrugated cardboard, and sealed with craft paper tape in our custom Greek-key print. All packaging items are then fully recyclable (with inks/tapes that are friendly to the recycling process), naturally biodegradable and compostable.

The driving force of the bold designs from VADA Eyes can be attributed to none other than Alexis Sepkovic. Formerly a designer for Jacques Marie Mage based in Los Angeles, Sepkovic “is enthusiastic about collaborations driven by sustainable design, a minimal eco-footprint, and an appreciation for the great outdoors.” 

Using vintage or deadstock acetate, all pieces in the collection are produced in batches of 20-75 frames depending on the color. This limited-run method results in very minimal waste and produces heirloom quality frames that will always be a unique and special piece to add to any collection. Furthermore, any frame that is not a pair of sunglasses comes equipped with blue-blocking, anti-reflective, and scratch-resistant lenses that can easily be worn without a prescription.

In an effort to intertwine the jewelry and eyewear even further the designers have added a “donut” to each frame style that can be outfitted with an eyewear chain to even further elevate your accessory. VADA’s design team added subtle details, like their signature “V” logo and their Greek key motif, that can be found throughout their jewelry collections.  

The beautifully vivid color across the collection is both eye-catching and intrinsically intriguing. Limited availability of each style cements each piece as both inherently fashionable and immediately invaluable.

If you’re ready for a bold, colorful, unique, and beautifully crafted pair of glasses, come see an Eyewear Architect at Eclectic Eye. We are truly honored to be able to introduce VADA to our collection, and we look forward to our continued opportunities to provide the Bluff City with eyewear that can complete any look, while also finding ways for everyone to care for our environment. 

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