The term “beveling” relates to two separate but necessary steps in the lens finishing process: edge beveling and safety beveling, both done in the lab. At Eclectic Eye, the word Bevel also refers to an innovated frame company designed in Salt Lake City by creators Richard Mewha and Rick Nelson. Their different personalities came together to make sturdy yet fashionable pieces. Since 1999, Bevel has designed their frames in the Midwest and has them meticulously handmade in Japan by specialized artisans. Bevel believes eyewear is not only a medical necessity that transcends all walks of life but a statement accessory that defines personal style and self-esteem. They recognize that most people that wear eyeglasses only have one pair. So, glasses need to be versatile enough to wear to the office, while running errands, to a wedding or while watching your favorite team. The brand makes classic frames that are wearable and durable enough to go with you throughout the many activities of your day.

The Bevel Story

Creators Richard and Rick met at the Optical Shop of Aspen in the 1990s. Rick Nelson is a Midwesterner born in the suburbs of Kansas City. He learned the ins and outs of the optical profession from working behind the scenes at his father’s optical shop. Richard Mewha got his start working for eyewear designer Alain Mikli after graduating from the International Business School in France. A few years later he became the national sales manager for Mikli in New York City. Richard remembers fondly the late 80’s as a new era of eyewear. This is when styles began to change and people had more fun with funkier eyewear choices. Richard moved to the Optical Shop of Aspen and worked on the Matsuda Eyewear brand for 10 years where he met Rick Nelson. From there, Bevel was born.

One thing you will notice when you pick up a Bevel frame is that the hinge design is flexible. That is because they have patented their own beta hinge design that extends past the point of other frames. Another thing you will notice is that Bevel has different sized frames to fit a wide variety of faces in beautiful colors with a mix of titanium and acetate materials. The brand has specialized in smaller frame sizes, but as creator Richard Mewha says, “We don’t want to pigeonhole our customer base. We see the Bevel customers as many different people of various ages.”

Bevel is inspired by furniture, modern art and architecture. Richard uses his travels throughout Europe and America as his muses. The brand loves to play with color and material mixing in both the frames and cases.  They have unpredicted frames named after influential people like Rosa, for Civil Rights pioneer Rosa Parks and Sergey for the co-founder of Google. We love this brand because of their support and care for independent retailers and skilled opticians. Bevel is independent eyewear for independent people. Their frames bring out the wearer’s personality and natural beauty, with their minimalist forms and striking color combinations.

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