Custom Solutions: Never Fear Nose Pads

Recently one of our customers came into the boutique with an eyewear dilemma that needed my prompt attention. She came in asking to get her glasses adjusted. The screws were loose, and they kept slipping down her nose. She pointed out to me that she had cut a corn cushion—you know—the thing you use for your feet?  Well, she had cut one in half and stuck it onto the bridge of the frame to stop the glasses from further slipping down her nose.


“I know this looks tacky, but it’s the only way they will stay up on my nose!”  she said. This customer absolutely loves this particular frame, because the shape is neither round nor square, and it’s made by an independent eyewear company that has been making quality eyewear for more than 100 years.  However, her nose is quite a bit smaller than the wider bridge design of the frame, which allowed the frame to sit very low on her face.  She was almost looking above the top of the frame because it sat so low.  The frame is fully plastic and made without nose pads, but I knew something had to be done about this.  I just couldn’t let her be seen in public wearing a corn cushion on her face!

So, several months ago, Eclectic Eye hosted a Moscot trunk show.  Trunk shows are great opportunities to check out an entire frame collection only offered at our boutique.  Every frame, every color and every size that is produced for that particular line is typically here to try on and purchase.  Trunk shows are also great because the sales representative for the featured designer is also here for the day to talk about their product, share insider information and educate the customer who is interested in high-quality eyewear.  It was during this trunk show that I learned Moscot could install nose pads onto some of their frames.

The eyewear modification took a couple of weeks to complete, so the customer was very wise to have a backup pair. Even though nose pads were the perfect solution for this problem, it’s important to note that nose pads cannot be installed onto every frame we carry.  For example, the frame design could lack sufficient material at the bridge to hold the pads there securely.

I always recommend having at least two pairs of frames. You don’t just have one pair of shoes – so why would you have only one pair of glasses?

If you have a pair of frames that are not fitting you properly, don’t give up!  Come see us at Eclectic Eye.  We are problem solvers who think outside of the box and love creating custom solutions to make our customers happy.

By Randall Bennett, LDO, Eyewear Architect