Meet Mr. Gordon

At Eclectic Eye, our customers and patients are like family, and our community is our home. Each customer is as unique as the frame they wear. It’s always a great feeling to know that we make an impact on our customers, and sometimes we have customers who like to treat us in return. Mr. Jim Gordon is one such customer.

Mr. Gordon started coming to Eclectic Eye two years ago when an eyewear frame he purchased from another optical dispensary broke. He wasn’t sure what to do and was in need of his glasses to complete everyday tasks. Randall Bennett, one of our fabulous eyewear architects, quickly jumped into action trying to fix his frame. Ultimately, Randall had to call the other optical dispensary and insist that they fix Mr. Gordon’s frame under warranty. The dispensary obliged, and Mr. Gordon was absolutely thrilled with the outcome. That very day, he philosophically told Randall that no good deed goes unrewarded. Since that day a couple of years ago, Mr. Gordon has rewarded our staff in so many ways. He has taught us the valuable lesson that a little empathy will always gain merit and will often hold a special place in the lives of our patients.

We strive as a team and as individuals, to be engaged in our community. We believe that this starts with our customers and patients. The care that we provide makes a difference in people’s lives and affects the way they see the world— literally. We love to hear that we have helped our patients and that our team has improved their lives even in a small way.

Mr. Gordon stops in the store about once a month with a bag full of cookies, stroopwafels or fruit bread, just to let us know he is thinking of and appreciates us. We always try to do something for him in return; tightening a screw or adjusting a temple, though he typically refuses. What Mr. Gordon doesn’t know is that the real treat is when we see his shining face walk through the door and his pockets bursting with treats. It brightens our day and is a reminder that we must continue to work toward our ultimate purpose.

By: Shannon Seaton, Eyewear Architect