Eclectic Eye Pets

The staff here at Eclectic Eye often feels less like a staff and more like a work family. Our small, tight-knit group has more in common than just a passion for optics and luxury eyewear. One of the major threads that runs through our bloodline is a love of animals, and collectively, we have a whole zoo’s worth of pets! Personally, I’m a bit of a parrot fanatic mainly because they are very low maintenance. Although, I could have done with some more information about molting before it started!

On top of that, I have two furry friends of my own, Opie (the short one) and Evie. Both are presumably some sort of Collie mix. They are each between two and three years old, but I’m unsure exactly how old they are because they both came from local rescues. Opie loves to cuddle and play with other dogs, and Evie loves to swim – when she’s not busy leaving hair all over my house!

Our team lead Rebecca also has two pups. Both are Sheepdogs, named Lincoln and Sammie (not pictured). They are BIG babies that share the house with her cat, Millie. Rebecca loves them so much, she even had a denim jacket embroidered with their cute mugs.

My fellow eyewear architect Shannon, is also a fan of big shaggy dogs, as you can see from her Goldendoodle, Bogie. Bogie is seven years old, but definitely still has the energy of a young pup. Goldendoodles are a very active breed leading to lots of outdoor time and plenty of opportunities to find dirt, mud and other things to roll around in and so require regular grooming. He shares his house with old lady Sadie (a Black Lab) and two feisty cats.

Our retail manager Lindy, and our lab specialist Chris, are the sole hamster owners of the Eclectic Eye crew. Little Butter, is a year and four months old. She likes long walks on the hamster wheel, snacks of sunflower seeds and broccoli, and preening her tiny, beautiful face.

Our doctor’s assistant Taylor, has found the most adorable companion in little Frankie. Frankie’s a shy girl, but she has the sweetest face and adorable stumpy legs. Taylor rescued Frankie from a local shelter. When Taylor met her, she was still in need of treatment and care at the rescue facility. We’ve had to advise the new owners that she may develop arthritis in dogs down the line, but they’re prepared to get her the medication she needs. Taylor visited her every day until she was ready to be taken to her new home. It was truly meant to be.

Maddie, our newest eyewear architect, has a set of matching Beagles named Marco and Deacon. They’re brothers from the same litter and are around two years old. According to Maddie, they like to howl, take a good morning walk, and then decompress with a loooooong afternoon nap.

Our dear Randall has three pups: his baby Prissy (Parson Russell Terrier), Butch (German Shepherd) and Koda (Rottie-Lab mix). Butch serves as the protector, standing guard constantly, Koda is busy eating everything he can get his paws on, and Prissy keeps the grounds clear of little pests, unless it’s storming, in which case she’s nervous. Randall has recently purchased a luxurious doghouse to keep his pets comfortable while he goes to work.

Last but certainly not least, Dr. Weinberg and his wife Robbie are the proud parents of some of our favorite critters. Jack (a black Goldendoodle) and Gertie (a Wire-Haired Fox Terrier) share the Weinberg’s home with their two cats, Cheesetoast and Oz (not pictured). However, they spend most of their days here in the office with us, napping and playing with toys, and occasionally even attempting to escape out onto the floor to say hello to patients. They are truly a part of our family and bring so much joy to our work environment.

We welcome anyone who loves their pets as much as we do to bring them in with you when you visit! We love to see them, and we hope you loved getting to know ours.