Very French Gangsters

If your child needs glasses, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here at Eclectic Eye, we’ve got a great selection of children’s frames. Our newest children’s brand, Very French Gangsters, has a wide variety of frames to choose from. Ranging in colors and shapes, they’ve got clear and sunglass options. In 2012, founders Anne Masanet and Karoline Bothorel-Bolzinger teamed up to create a brand for an age group that was typically overlooked in the optical field. Their main question was, “If adults can find stylish frames, why can’t kids?” With this mindset, the two of them set out to create an eyewear line that was not only hip in today’s fashion, but also encompassed a whimsical playfulness for kids to enjoy. Having frame names like “Very Cat” and “Very Swag,” we are sure you will find them just as adorable as we do!

At Eclectic Eye, we put emphasis on the quality of the material and manufacturing of the eyewear we sell, and Very French Gangsters is no exception. Completely handmade in France, these frames fit those as young as two years old to those in their early teens. Even though these frames are very fashion forward, Masanet and Bothorel-Bolzinger wanted to make sure the incredible fit was just as noticeable. The strong and lightweight frames also feature flex hinges and adjustable tips to ensure the best comfort.

So, if your child needs some cool, new glasses before school starts, come on down to Eclectic Eye and check out Very French Gangsters! We are sure they’ll find something they love.

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By Maddie Robinson, Eyewear Architect