Welcome, SPEXWAX!

By: Rebecca Allen, Team Lead, ABOC

As always, Eclectic Eye works hard to keep the selection of frames in our store fresh by researching and cultivating our collection. This year, in fact, we have brought in three new frame lines, with the addition of SPEXWAX, available on our shelves today!

SPEXWAX started in 2008 with an idea for a new type of frame, custom-made and developed in the United States. Dave, the owner and curator, was (in his words) blessed with the idea from a gentleman he worked with at an optical shop. Dave then started the prototype and made the first pair. He began wearing the frame while working, and people immediately wanted to buy them! The shop owner allowed him to stock 20 shapes in the store, and thus, SPEXWAX was born!

SPEXWAX frames are handcrafted in San Diego, California. They are made out of vinyl records, cut into interesting, vintage-inspired shapes. The frames show parts of the record itself, and can also include portions of the label with song titles displayed prominently. Each frame also features nose-pads for the perfect fit!

All of the frame cases are made from vintage record sleeves, folded to showcase the artwork. This is yet another display of the company’s commitment to using recycled materials in order to keep these items out of landfills. Sustainability is a driving factor in the SPEXWAX business model.

Each pair of glasses are as unique as the people who have inspired them. During his recent visit to our midtown store, Dave mentioned that he made one frame for a deaf gentleman who named it “Lip Reader” in order to reflect a piece of his spirit. SPEXWAX frames range from traditional to VERY unique and interesting shapes that embody the collection’s independent spirit. All in all, these are a perfect fit for Eclectic Eye.

Customization is also available with this line. Our staff can facilitate custom measurements, shapes and colors. There is also an opportunity to add your own personal album to your frame, along with a specific song to be featured on the temple. In addition, the record sleeve can be made into your frame case.

Stop by the store to find out more!