Clear Glasses the Latest Frame Trend

There are lots of trends in the eyewear world, and many of them come and go with the seasons. However, there are a few that prove to stand the test of time and become classics. Clear or translucent frames started as a fad, but as time has passed, more and more eyewear lines have featured the design in a variety of styles. Clear glasses are an interesting intersection of several different frame styles, which makes them so universal. If you’re used to a rimless frame with minimal presence and a light appearance, a crystal frame is a great departure. On the other hand, if you are accustomed to a full-frame look with lots of impact, frames that stand out and make a statement, then clear glasses with a little color can really shine.

More and more lines have put their signature on the clear look and produced some truly unique variations of the style. One of our tried-and-true, longtime favorites, MOSCOT out of New York City, has been making classic frames for more than one hundred years. They have a myriad of styles available in a number of clear hues. The sage-colored frame I’m wearing in the photo below is one of our best sellers!

One of our newest lines, Jacques Marie Mage out of California, also produces some elegant renditions of the clear frame, with plenty of diversity in color and texture. The crystal is highlighted by the beautiful shine of precious metals they incorporate.

Shannon, shown below, found a perfect fit with the “Mansard” by French company, Traction. The pure, clear crystal may look plain, but its unique shape is highlighted by the way the frame picks up light. It’s as if the frame is illuminating her features, drawing attention to her eyes.

Mykita of Germany has made a name for themselves as pioneers in eyewear engineering with their stainless steel frames and patented spiral hinges. Their acetate frames are truly beautiful in their simplicity, and the rosewater color of the “Erva,” shown here, is a delicate, feminine take on clear in a classic shape.

Clear doesn’t have to be monochromatic either. Some brands, such as Anne et Valentin of France, use clear acetate in conjunction with other materials and finishes to create a patterned or textured look. When used this way, as show in the “Kolor” on Maddie below, the clear frame does anything but disappear.

It seems that the clear glasses trend is here to stay, so whether you want something light and low-impact or something that will truly shine, there are plenty of options available. Come in and see for yourself! If you’d like to speak with one of our eyewear architects or make an appointment to select the perfect frames, you can call or complete a request right here on our website.

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