Anne et Valentin: ARKITEKTS

Anne et Valentin has always been a favorite here at Eclectic Eye, and for many reasons. Their sleek frames are designed with beautiful color and material combinations that will catch anyone’s attention. Designed in France, there is no doubt that the Anne et Valentin team has mastered the art of fashionable eyewear throughout the years. They have recently released a new limited edition collection, ARKITEKTS, consisting of spring-like, pastel colors, paired with warm, tortoise shell accents. What makes these frames even more unique is the number engraved on the temple, marking each one as a true piece of art.

The designers at Anne et Valentin sought inspiration from artists during the Vienna Secession for this collection. These frames encompass the lines and movement associated with this contemporary time period. During the Vienna Secession, progressive artists broke away from the Academy of Art in Vienna to pursue their own ideas of modern art. This step away from the traditional art world had a lasting impression and has influenced many art movements today. Gustav Klimt was a well-known artist during the Vienna Secession, and his work plays a pivotal role in the inspiration behind the ARKITEKT series. In his piece, The Kiss, Klimt pairs warm tones with pastel shades in various shapes and designs. Not only are these colors utilized in the ARKITEKTS eyewear series, but the shapes Klimt painted can also be found in the frame shape, as well as the subtle, geometric etchings found on the metal bridge and temples of each piece.

With only nine designs comprised in this collection, each frame is covered in immense detail. Their distinct color schemes set them apart from other Anne et Valentin frames, and they simply radiate from the store shelves! In this collection, there are three different models: ARKITEKT 1— an adorable round shape, ARKITEKT 2 — an angular square shape and ARKITEKT 3 — a pilot style sunglass.

If you are in love with these frames as much as we are, be sure to stop by and take a peak for yourself! Due to Anne et Valentin’s limited quantity, we cannot order any more of these showstoppers, so if you see one you can’t live without, be sure to come into Eclectic Eye today!

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