Introducing Asher G Cases to Eclectic Eye

Eyewear cases are just as important as the eyewear itself and protecting your frames has never been so chic. Please welcome Asher G to the Eclectic Eye family!

I think we can all admit that we have lost or accidentally destroyed a favorite pair of glasses in our lifetime. These unfortunate incidents typically happen because the frame is not being stored properly. We are all guilty of hanging our readers on our collars or sticking our sunglasses on top of our heads. Cases can be hard and bulky for a reason—to protect your frame, but that option is not always the most practical for day-to-day wear. Asher G is a great solution to this predicament, and a stylish one at that.

The History of Asher G

ASHER G Asher G was founded in Los Angeles California by David Gonzales. David has worked in retail for 30 years, spending time as a buyer for Fred Segal and later opening his own eyewear boutique called Alexander Gray Optical. In addition to his contacts in the industry, he also has an ever-evolving eye for products that solve problems.

Years ago, David went to a wedding. After the ceremony, he noticed a lot of the guests switching from their sunglasses to their clear glasses or readers when they moved inside for cocktail hour. Picture women in beautiful dresses that must have been hand-stitched from (or similar), men in sharp tuxedos—dressed and accessorized, hair and make-up perfection—all punctuated by readers on top of their head or an expensive pair of sunglasses abandoned on the table. This made him think, “All this care and attention taken in their appearance, but no solution for their accessories. There’s got to be a better way!”

The next Monday a customer strolled into the shop with a smashed hard case. The case was significantly compromised, so much so that it actually damaged the frame in the process. At this point, he knew he had to solve these issues by creating a protective, soft case for every day. Once he had a general idea, he ventured to downtown L.A. to source the materials for his design. His previous contacts served him well and he quickly found exactly what he needed to get started. He chose a beautiful, buttery leather and thick zipper to give his cases a more jewelry-like quality.

The Design

phone caseThe case has a foldable design with two pockets. One pocket is larger to house your iPhone or large sunglasses. There is an additional smaller pouch for your readers or credit cards. David wanted his case to function as a clutch or fit in your back pocket, so the dimensions are perfect. This design allows you to leave all the excess behind, while still having a functional place for one or two pairs of spectacles. The inner material is soft so it will not damage your lenses. A powerful magnet system discreetly set in the four corners of the pouch keep it folded when not in use. In addition to the brilliant product design, he has chosen a variety of materials and patterns so it is equally as fashionable as functional. Trust me, you need this!

Handmade in Los Angeles, CA, these cases are currently available in leather and lamb in a variety of colors for $175. Get yours today before they are all scooped up! Check out other eyewear storage solutions for when you don’t need your frames.