Eclectic Eye Welcomes the Masion Margiela Collaboration with MYKITA

New York Magazine described Maison Margiela’s collaboration with Hermes as “quiet explorations of luxury that focused on subtle but masterful twists.” After seeing their collaboration with one of our favorite brands, we believe this also applies to their luxury eyewear collections! You can now find the MYKITA and Maison Margiela collaboration at Eclectic Eye.

About MYKITA and Maison Margiela


Since 2003, the Berlin-based company, MYKITA, has been producing high-end frames with a characteristic hinge that is both aesthetically pleasing and technically unique. MYKITA’s distinction comes with a modern, coiled, stainless steel hinge that lacks screws and snaps to close the frames’ temples. The resulting frame design is always modern and sleek in appearance, as well as lightweight.

The Maison Margiela Haus is notorious for upcycling garments (even sometimes using 1970s upholstery fabric for tailored suits), exposed seams, oversized garb and employing “deconstructionist traits.” The Maison Margiela brand is known for their “haute couture” inspired artisanal collections, their reinterpretation of historical forms and their experimental approach to materials. And this is all true of their eyewear collaboration with MYKITA.

The Collections

MYKITA and Maison MargielaOne of the four collections within the MYKITA and Maison Margiela collaboration is the RAW series. These raw, unpolished acetate frames emphasize every little detail of the classic designs that make up this series. Each traditional frame is a small wearable piece of art that catches the light as the wearer moves with this frame one throughout the day.

The CRAFT series features stainless steel frames with tiny details that conjur up a sense of Victorian, handcrafted jewelry. It’s the small touches of elegance that make this collection romantic. This collection features lenses in different tints that allow the metallic colors of the frames and the intricacies of the frame’s curves, mixed with the tiniest imprints, really pop.

They put their spin on the classic, sporty sun visor and gave it retro glamour in the ECHO series. This combination of materials reverberates the grace and style of the sixties while bringing a modern twist on classic design.

The ESSENTIAL series consists of stainless steel frames powdered in a thick, transparent coat. This gives the frames, inspired by historical frame shapes of the 20th century, a unique appearance. Many of the frames feature a playful twist on the aviator’s double bar or teardrop lens shape paired with tints that either match the hue of the frame or allow the pop of color to stand out.

Eclectic Eye and MYKITA

Maison Margiela Eyewear

This eyewear exemplifies one of Eclectic Eye’s core ethos of “Out of the Box Thinking,” in that they created their own tools to make and adjust their frames. Customers should return to Eclectic Eye or a MYKITA licensed vendor for frame adjustments or prescription lens removal or replacement. We recommend this because the unique design requires tools and training to insert and remove lenses without damaging the frame.

MYKITA shares other core principals with Eclectic Eye in their attention to detail and production values. They produce all of their frames in house by hand, with the frame wearer in mind. The collaboration with Maison Margiela Haus makes perfect sense for MYKITA because they are known for straightforward, sophisticated and minimalistic design.

About Maison Margiela

MYKITA and Maison Margiela CollaborationIn the 1990s when designers were almost as famous as the labels they created, Martin “Maison” Margiela was notorious for letting his clothes and designs speak for him. Rarely photographed, his “refusal to step into the spotlight was a symbol of rebellion against a tide of commercialism that threatened to drown out creativity.” Margiela was also known for his avant-garde way of debuting new lines. He often used empty metro stations, Paris playgrounds and street corners as a venue to show off new collections. He has since left the French fashion haus he started in 1988. However, it has continued with collaborations with Barney’s New York, Hermes’, G-Shock, Converse and more culturally relevant brands.

Eyewear imagined and created by MYKITA and Maison Margiela stands out thanks to an unconventional approach to materials and shapes. You can find out more regarding the collaboration here. We know you’ll find something to love! If you do find a frame that speaks to you, give us a call. We will get it in the store so you can try it on.

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