Exalto translated from Latin to English means “to raise high,” which sums up the industry award-winning brand, Exalto. Exalto features a combination of simplicity in form and function from the creative team at Oxibis Group that started in 1992. Six years after the inception of the Oxibis line, creators Jerome Colin and Daniel Arnaud decided to branch out into a masculine and refined line geared towards gentlemen. Since 1998, Exalto has been handmade in the East Mountainous region of France called Jura. Jura is known throughout Europe for excellence in eyewear and its quality artisans that specialize in spectacle making.

The luxury collection takes pride in its design. It is the antithesis of extravagant. It lacks glitter, adornments and a logo, but features innovative hinge designs in precious materials. The 20S Collection received its name from the world record of 20 seconds for acceleration for a production car to go from 0 to 250mph. The pieces in this collection were inspired by the aerodynamics of race cars and feature a single titanium temple detail that is cut by water pressure and is intended to look like a race car spoiler. The final product allows for a large range of movement to fit every patient. The world speed sailing record of 65 knots over 500 meters motivated the 65N Collection, which features a hinge design that resembles a sailing knot. The sophisticated system is hidden behind the apparent simplicity of the hinge design. It features a metal wire that is firmly attached to the temple and attaches to the frame front. These are just two examples of the carefully studied design for the hinge is a screw less patented spring mechanism that is aesthetically pleasing, as well as functional. In the fall of 2016, Exalto received an award for their hinge design in the category of “Frame Technological Innovation” in Paris at SILMO, an industry trade show that features excellent independent eyewear.

Exalto is geared towards demanding men and women. The line offers structured shapes in the presence of a mix of sturdy materials. Exalto campaigns that it is a state of mind – pure and silent beauty. The designs take pleasure in functionality and dependability over the latest fashion trends, but Exalto still offers a range of styles to satisfy shoppers. Eclectic Eye is excited to offer this French handmade line to the Memphis community.

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