Götti Switzerland makes its Memphis debut at Eclectic Eye

götti switzerlandframeless glassesWhen choosing a new line to bring into Eclectic Eye, we always look for something innovative to offer our customers. We are very intentional about the styles that are represented in our collection, so sometimes it’s about finding what we don’t already have. For those who enjoy the versatility of the 2.5, or the chic sleekness of the MYKITA, but have been missing the comfort of Lindberg eyewear, Götti Switzerland is just what you’ve been waiting for.

About Götti Switzerland

Sven Götti, an optician by trade, co-owned a successful optical shop in Lucerne, Switzerland for a year before starting his own line in 1993. His first collection was made of natural horn and a big hit. He continued to develop and expand his work over the years, adding a titanium and acetate collection to his line, along with the newer Dimension and Perspective collections.

Already well-known for producing some of the world’s best cheese, chocolate, and watches, Switzerland is no stranger to excellence. The phrase “made in Switzerland” is meant to be a calling card to Götti’s commitment to superior quality. The company’s Swiss workshop is closely located to where the production of the Dimension and Perspective collections takes place. This allows them a large degree of freedom over the implementation of new ideas and processes. Without these advantages, the Perspective collection’s ingenious design may never have come to be.

The Perspective collection is Götti Switzerland’s take on rimless eyewear and is a true technical marvel. Sven wasn’t interested in a screw-based rimless design, so he decided to invent a different one. After a decade of work, Sven released a rimless frame that uses no glue, screws, or soldering to hold it together. Sven refused to limit himself by working within the parameters of what was considered possible, and that is the true secret to Götti’s continued growth and success. The collection is made of stainless steel and is meant to evoke simple sophistication. The Götti team uses 3D printing to create the “connectors” that hold the lenses in place. This collection has been their bread and butter, and it’s easy to see why. These frames are unique, but they never overpower the wearer’s own look.

götti eyewearTo this day, Sven is still in complete control of the designing process and continues to take on the challenge of creating and innovating. Much like the team at Eclectic Eye, Sven’s passion and primary focus is first-rate craftsmanship and design that doesn’t sacrifice aesthetics. He said it best with this quote: “What could be more exciting than imagining that precisely these spectacles find the right wearer?” We couldn’t agree more, Sven.

Stop by today to check out Götti Switzerland or one of our many brands to find your perfect frame.