Black is the New Black: Styling Black Frames

“Black is always elegant. It is the most complete color in the whole world, made of all the colors in the palette.” – Riccardo Tisci

black framesWhen it comes to eyewear, everyone has preferences as to what they want in a frame. Minimal appearance, or perhaps something that showcases their individuality. Shoppers think of comfort, boldness, and durability. The right look paired with function is always the golden ticket, but it can take time to narrow that down. After all, one’s eyewear can be the first thing that walks into the room.

With so many aspects to frame styling, where does one start? Well, it is pretty routine that the topic of color starts many shopping experiences here at Eclectic Eye. Memphians seek bold colors, muted colors, or a lack thereof. I find one of the easiest colors to style can also be the strongest frame choice color: black. No matter the skin tone, black can be a heavy look to bear, especially on the face, but it all depends on the frame selection. Styling black frames doesn’t have to be difficult if you want a strong look.

Styling Black Frames

black eyewearPreferred but often avoided, black can make a strong statement when it comes to eyewear. Many individuals (especially those with fairer skin and hair tones) shy away from even considering the idea of such a drastic look. Certain celebrities come to mind, but the average shopper feels that’s a look they simply “can’t pull off.” However, they are missing out as it all boils down to the frame shape and materials used.

Today’s eyewear designers get to utilize technology, along with traditional skills, creating masterpieces for the face. This means that while frames resembling those American Optical chunky, vintage styles from the 1950s and ’60s are what many shoppers envision, that is not the only option when it comes to a noir frame. Eyewear constructed of thin titanium or mixed metals in pitch black tones can be distinctive yet approachable.

Black Frames at Eclectic Eye

eyewear memphisThree of our brands at Eclectic Eye (theo, MYKITA, and MASAHIROMARUYAMA) lead the pack when it comes to creating wispy, ebony styles that outline the eyes, adding subtle drama to one’s look. Of course, if quiet isn’t your style, the black acetate frame is a must. Frame styles that are polished tend to speak editorial, classic, and chic. In black, these can be eye-catching and deeply contrasting, enhancing eye color. Then there are also matte finishes which give a softer, more charcoal look. This is ideal for those wanting a more casual look to their eyewear.  Kuboraum, another collection found at Eclectic Eye, dances with creativity and oddity. Their pieces (called masks) can look almost otherworldly, and while they do play with various colors, their black frames are the true showstoppers. They can give dark, even gothic, energy to the wearers. Another way to pull off a black frame is to consider beveling, embellishments, and thinness of the acetate. Some or all of these help break up that starkness of an ebony frame.

Yes, black is bold, but it is also beautiful. It’s simple while standing out. Quiet, yet electric. I’m a true believer that no matter your coloring, there is a black frame out there for everyone. Black frames match with everything, and can elevate your style to another level. Like that little black dress or a smooth ink-colored suit, we should all have one black frame in our eyewear wardrobe. We at Eclectic Eye have a lovely selection of midnight-hued frames, and our Eyewear Architects will happily lead you to the perfect fit that will surely enhance, not hide, your features.

If you need help styling your black frames, talk with Johnathan or any of our Eyewear Architects. Call or text us today to schedule your appointment at 901.276.3937.

Thank you to our model, Kimberly Hill.