One of the most beautiful frames I have ever laid eyes upon has arrived at Eclectic Eye. Produced by French designer Jerome Mage for his line Jacques Marie Mage, this frame, called Squeeze, is truly a piece of wearable art. Jacques Marie Mage was inspired by The Velvet Underground, featuring Nico. Many in the music world consider this art rock band to be the founders of all alternative music. Nico was the female artist of the group who rocked this now iconic style of sunglasses during the late 1960s. Jacques Marie Mage has reproduced the frame in only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship in four different color combinations. The oversize, mod shape has striking lines and beautiful faceting on the temples. The rich, translucent, emerald acetate is accented by signature gold details which allow the frame to exude a chill ’60s vibe, while still dripping with luxury. Only 150 to 250 frames are available for purchase.

These handmade frames, skillfully crafted in Japan, are produced in small batches, with no machine used in the production process. The extra attention to detail is apparent from beginning to end with all Jacques Marie Mage eyewear. Jerome’s beautiful frame designs and commitment to quality never stop at just the eyewear. Each frame comes with a story about the specific style, a luxury microfiber cleaning cloth, and a beautiful handcrafted case. I noticed that something was especially unique about the Squeeze – it also came with a vinyl record of the debut album (banana sticker and all) of The Velvet Underground with Nico. Another unique accoutrement included with the purchase of this frame is the eye-catching silver metallic eyewear case. Unlike the typical oxblood Jacques Marie Mage cases, this one caught my eye! I had to dig deeper to find out more…why the extra details?


The Velvet Underground


Let’s start with the band, The Velvet Underground, whose name comes from a book by Michael Leigh called The Velvet Underground, which is about the kinky New York sex sub-culture of the late 1960s. The band was playing in Greenwich Village at Cafe Bizarre in 1965 when American pop-artist Andy Warhol met them. Andy quickly fell in love with their style and became their manager. He produced their first album and allowed The Velvet Underground to have complete artistic freedom on the record, which is a very rare opportunity for artists. Andy Warhol also produced the artwork of the banana sticker for the album cover, which has become one of the most recognized album covers in the music world. Warhol wanted the banana cover to function as an interactive art form going beyond normal art. The album cover allows you to peel away the outer skin layer of the banana to reveal the pink flesh color underneath.

Then there’s the shiny silver metallic case. Written by Lou Reed for Nico, I’ll Be Your Mirror is one of the best songs from The Velvet Underground. The case also draws inspiration from the Factory, which was Andy Warhol’s studio and the location The Velvet Underground selected for production of their first album.  Andy Warhol loved silver and aluminum foil, and his studio was covered with it. With the prevalence of cell phones today, can you imagine trying to get a cell signal in his studio in those days?

Jacques Marie Mage named the frame Squeeze, which is the fifth and final album from The Velvet Underground. Squeeze was released in February 1973.

This beautiful eyewear won’t be around for long! Make sure you call or text us at 901.276.3937 to schedule an appointment to come see this beautiful work of art!