Eyewear Wardrobe: Johnathan

I have worn glasses since I was six years old. It’s been awhile, but I do remember that once I put them on, I never wanted to take them off. The world was different because I was seeing it clearly! At such a young age, I couldn’t properly articulate the beauty around me that “magically” came into clarity, but my family said that I always liked my glasses and was very careful with them. We myopes (nearsighted individuals) tend to appreciate glasses early on, as they allow us to see details from afar. Fast forward to many, many years later and here I am, an Eyewear Architect at Eclectic Eye, still loving my eyeglasses and now getting to guide patients to their own perfectly, crafted eyewear. Thankfully, I have come a long way from the very “simple” eyeglasses of my youth. Here are a few of my favorite eyeglasses from my ever-growing eyewear wardrobe.

One of my newest additions is the Lantana by Henau. Designed by a Belgian artist, Henau’s playful shapes and bold colors combinations never disappoint.

I’ll start off with the Maison Margiela collaboration with Mykita. When I put these on, I feel like a famous New York art curator! Mykita, a German company, is inspired by Japanese origami which is why their frames are not only lightweight, but also designed so perfectly intricate. These glasses may look heavy, but I barely feel them resting on my bridge. The black-and-gray tortoise color complements the raw acetate, which gives it a moody edge (this is where you really see the Maison Margiela influence). The frame has a sleek, unfinished look that really stands out from afar and is even more impressive up-close.

Next is this little cutie, the Mille+61 by Belgium company, theo. They are known for their expressive pops of color and uniquely architectural designs. This frame just makes me happy every time I put it on. To me, it has this 1980s electronica vibe to its construct. When I heard the story behind the frame, I knew I had to have it for myself. It was inspired by a glass of champagne, the dots being effervescent bubbles fizzing up. I love a good mimosa, and this little, titanium frame pairs perfectly with a fun morning brunch with friends.

My extensive wardrobe doesn’t stop at ophthalmic glasses only, as sunglasses are vital to protect my eyes. My sunnies are where I truly like to make bolder statements with my eyewear.

This Mykita has a futuristic yet whimsical feel. When I wear this frame out-and-about, I always get compliments.


I purchased this Harry by Lotho frame a few years ago before moving to Memphis. I find that I’m frequently updating this pair to keep it current. It’s comfortable, slightly understated, and a classic look. I added a bold, gold mirror with a ruby polarized lens to give it a little spice.

Look at this golden wonder by one of my favorite brands, Kuboraum. The designers of this line not only think outside the box – they take the box and deconstruct it into something out of this world! This pair of sunglasses (or masks, as they refer to their eyewear) seems like it came from the Greek gods. It feels heavenly and gleams in any lighting. It’s almost like I am wearing the sun on my face! The hammered look, the cutouts, and the metallic mirror coating on the lenses all create an energy that demands attention.

Being in the optical field for a decade has allowed me to expand my eyewear wardrobe quickly, and I love getting to change styles daily, depending on my mood. As I’ve moved around the country, I’ve been exposed to many fantastic eyewear brands, so my collection is vast, but I can always find something new and exciting to add to my wardrobe. Your glasses can tell a story to a complete stranger just by walking into the room.

It’s important that I keep my eyewear organized so I can easily swap styles depending on my mood and plans for the day. I have a few different systems, but my favorite is the Oyobox. It has a high-quality look and the heavy-duty glass top makes it easy to style my eyewear around my outfit or activities.

At Eclectic Eye, we believe in expression, individuality, and seamlessly merging upscale service with luxury products. Eyewear has more than a functional purpose – it’s an extension of your personality! I’d love to help you grow your Eyewear Wardrobe. Stop by today!