Part Two: Customizing Your Eyeglasses with Tinted Lenses

Kuboraum H70 with double gradient 50% Plum blending into 30% blush.

Tinted eyeglass lenses have been around for decades, but they have never gone out of style. We are now seeing a new interest in tinting lenses for eyewear – taking the concept a step farther by turning a lens treatment into a work of art. Tinted lenses can be customized to best meet your visual needs and personal style. Not only are they meant to enhance your look, but also tinted lenses help with low vision needs or light sensitivity. For example, looking through a lens color that has a warm tone, like pink or yellow, will increase contrast. However, looking through a cool lens color, like blue or gray, will decrease contrast.

“Tinted lenses can take your eyewear to the next level. Adding tint to the lens can enhance the frame style and complement your features.” – Randall Bennett, LDO, Eclectic Eye

Kuboraum Z15 with double gradient 50% seaglass blending into 50% khaki.

Perhaps you just want something that nobody else has; we all know having a unique look makes an impact on your overall style. Custom tinted eyeglass lenses can help you stand apart from the crowd. It’s a lot like commissioning a special piece of art from your favorite artist! Unlike the eyewear shopping experience you have online, you’ll get to sit down with one of our Eyewear Architects and collaborate on the tint that best suits you and your eyeglass frame of choice. At Eclectic Eye, we have plenty of samples, made at our on-site lab, to inspire your approach and design. Our vast collection of independently owned and designed eyeglass frames is sourced from all over the world and will serve as great inspiration for the tint creation process.

Kuboraum N3 with double gradient 40% candy corn orange blending into 30% yellow.

All of the tints you see here were custom-designed in our lab. Most of the original lenses were either clear or gray, and each order required more personality to create the final look. As opticians, our team can take your idea and further enhance the tint by creating a double gradient design, which is two different tinted lens colors within the same lens. We can also add additional treatments like reflective mirrors or transition lenses that get dark when exposed to the sunlight.

Tint customizing doesn’t stop at color combinations. You can choose how light or dark each color will be so the eyeglasses work in everyday life. Lighter shades can be worn inside, while a darker tint will function more like a pair of sunglasses. Many people prefer to build an eyewear wardrobe, so they have a tint for every occasion.

Allow us to make your eyewear dreams come true! We look forward to creating your next pair to be as unique and special as you are! Call or text us for more information at 901.276.3937.

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