Stay “in the know” About HENAU Eyewear

At Eclectic Eye, we are known for our selection of high-fashion eyewear crafted by the finest artisans in the world. All of our vendors have their own unique methods from creative concepts to craftsmanship. HENAU made a name for itself in the eyewear industry in the 80s with its bold avant-garde designs.  Michel Henau and Marc Delagrange started the company in a country known for its waffles, chocolates, and beer. . . Belgium. Since Michel’s death in 2000, Marc has designed and controlled the entire operation to this day. 

HENAU takes pride in presenting the world with eyewear couture giving us new designs that are complementary to one’s own beauty. Hand-drawn in Belgium, and hand-crafted in France and Japan, every piece is a true fashion accessory for those wanting to make a statement. “Avant-garde” perfectly sums up the style of the brand. Over the years, they have continuously developed new frame styles, to perfect their unmistakable hexagon-shaped frame. To do so, the company frequently experimented with adding slopes, angles, patterns, and unique temple/hinge designs. HENAU groups their frame styles into categories to help the opticians navigate for a specific style for a specific customer. 


The REFINED collection offers 13 classic shapes with a couture twist. My favorites from this collection are the LOOP and the ZOOM. The LOOP is very stylish and can boost any outfit. The ZOOM is a perfected hexagon that follows the eye and upper jawline flawlessly. This collection also has round, square, and cat-eye shapes in sizes ranging from small to large. The REFINED collection is diverse and perfect for those looking to combine business and fashion. 


Think of the AVANT-GARDE collection as a flashy new sports car.  This collection is full of beauties and offers over-the-top designs with eye-catching colors. The AVANT-GARDE frames have a roar while still exuding luxury. Most frames are larger and wider than usual HENAU pieces, however, they are still complementary to different facial structures. The KOGA and QUANTA are great representations of this collection’s overall feel.


Collection number three is the CHARACTER. The CHARACTER collection exaggerates the hexagon shape and adds flair to the square. This collection takes elementary shapes and adds detail-enhancing style to add character. The TISCOT is the gem of the CHARACTER collection sporting a full beta-titanium frame. This is a great option for people looking for something lightweight and durable. M2 and MIRA are my personal favorites from this collection. Both frames channel sophistication, attitude, and charisma.


Next, we have the very animated PLAYFUL SERIES. Warning: these frames may enhance personality, and give you a new signature look. This beautiful collection comes with 20 frame variations. Within the series, you’ll notice a HENAU signature with the bold bridge. Each frame is truly unique, and singlehandedly successfully saves the world from boring eyewear. 


Frames from the STRUCTURE collection are thick and bold, which creates a heavy illusion. My top two styles from the STRUCTURE collection are OXANO and HEXAFORTE. Both have signature HENAU details with an extra layer of fearless design for the spectacle wearer that wants to make an impression in every room.


The diversity of the color and size within the collection means that many of the optical styles make a fantastic sunglass option. Each SUN style is inspired by existing HENAU collections. They simply add tinted lenses. Most frames from the SUN collection are larger in size, giving the wearer more coverage and protection from the sun.

Whether you need glasses to get from A-B or just for an accessory, HENAU offers an extensive frame selection for many different personalities and occasions. The brand is full of character and superior quality and every frame shares its own story. Eclectic Eye is proud to be the only optical shop in Tennessee that offers the HENAU experience.