“A face is like a work of art. It deserves a great frame.”

By Lindy Faulkner, Retail Manager

L.A. Eyeworks is a very important collection for Eclectic Eye. The line embodies frame styles that are birthed from a combination of an invigorating imagination and streamlined optical mechanics, always providing customers with wearable yet unique choices. Style and function meet seamlessly in the world of L.A. Eyeworks.

The company started in California in 1979 and was spearheaded by two women, friends since high school. Trained as opticians and exposed to some of the most respected shops in the area, Barbara McReynolds and Gai Gherardi both agreed, “It was time to open up a new kind of conversation about glasses.” From there, they have consistently put together new collections of artwork that continue to surprise the world of eyewear.

An L.A. Eyeworks look is something special and its continued commitment to independent eyewear ensures that you will receive the ultimate accessory: a hand-crafted frame with a classic design that makes a bold statement. This company has created a fantastic legacy, from iconic print advertisements, to adventurous window displays, all with an affinity for functional, beautiful eyewear.

At the store, I work with the line up close and personal. I make sure we have enough pieces to represent the brand and provide each customer with an option to fit your need, no matter the size or shape of your face. The collection makes this a simple task, and the wide range of men’s and women’s options is obvious when you stop by to get a feel for the aesthetic of this brand’s design.

One of the best aspects of L.A. Eyeworks is that it is ever-changing. New styles popping up all the time, and the designers often offer new colors on classic styles. This allows us to keep offering you fresh looks while focusing on the best colors and shapes. Eclectic Eye offers this brand to you as bold statements seamlessly manifested into comfortable fashion.

The Eyewear Architects at either Eclectic Eye location can offer guidance on selecting the perfect L.A. Eyeworks frame. Each boutique has a unique selection of eyewear from this collection, ensuring that your perfect frame is a remarkable conversation piece for years to come.

Stop by and fall in love with the design of this beautiful frame line because, “A face is like a work of art. It deserves a great frame.”