Why I Love Eclectic Eye

By Erika McChesney, eyewear architect

Before working at Eclectic Eye, I worked in a busy, high-volume practice that took many different types of insurance. Each day, I felt as if the job was turning me into a glasses machine, pumping out frames and lenses as quickly as possible before the next patient came out of the exam room. This was tiring, and I knew it was not how I believed an eye care practice should function. Once I realized this, I decided to take a leap of faith and apply for a job at Eclectic Eye.

I knew that Eclectic Eye was an excellent practice in Memphis that helps their employees obtain their state license as an optician, which was exactly what I was wanting to do. I got the job and could not wait to start and learn a different approach to eye care, not to mention a successful business model.

I immediately fell in love with my job, and that was all due to the people and business model used at Eclectic Eye. Below are some of the many reasons why I love Eclectic Eye and truly believe that it stands out from other eye care practices.

1. Their extreme attention to detail: Eclectic Eye is aware of every detail. From how the office looks to ensuring an individual’s frames fit perfectly.

Erika helps Amurica owner Jamie Harmon with his glasses.

2. They continually go above and beyond the expectations: Every time a patient comes through the door, we are encouraged to spend time to get to know the customer and build a relationship with them. We are not concerned with seeing a patient every 15 minutes in order to meet a quota.

3. The frame lines we carry are unlike any other: Eclectic Eye supports independent opticians who hand-make their frames all over the world, so you are getting a frame that is truly unique.IMG_0687.JPG
4. Their high-quality customer service: The doctor sees a patient every hour and assigns an eyewear architect to the patient. While the patient is in the exam room, we select a few frames that we think would best complement the patient’s features and lifestyle. This little touch makes a huge difference. If I were the patient and had someone already take the time to display what would look good on me, I would feel special.

5. The doctor-patient interaction: Dr. Weinberg doesn’t just perform the exam and leave, he takes the time to give his opinion and expertise to the patient who is selecting a frame. This was something I had never seen at a practice and I have been wearing glasses since fourth grade!FullSizeRender_1.jpg

6. Job and patient follow-up: Every three days we check on each job and ensure it is ready for dispensing in a timely manner. At Eclectic Eye, we call the patient after they have had their glasses for 2 weeks to check and see how the glasses are working. This follow up has not been plausible at the other practices due to the amount of patient flow each day. To help improve their patient flow, they should probably check out something like this wayfinder buyers guide. as this can help your patient check-in by themselves, and that saves you having to sort out all the paperwork. I’m sure there’s plenty of other things that can be done though.

In my opinion, all of these little things add up to be big things. Since glasses are considered a medical device, why wouldn’t you want your opticians to check on you and make sure that you are satisfied with your purchase?

Overall, I am thrilled to be a part of Eclectic Eye and encourage everyone to come in and experience a different level of eye care that not many offer. It is extremely exciting and fulfilling to be work in a place that truly cares about each patient, customer and employee.