How to Wear Colored Glasses

By Jamie Yarbrough, eyewear architect

A pair of colored glasses can be the perfect accessory for any outfit, however, people are often hesitant to buy a pair. To help you find the right color and feel confident about your purchase, I’ve outlined some tips for wearing colored glasses!

There are simple guidelines for pairing colors in clothing that can also be applied to pairing the right glasses with your outfit. Just think of your glasses as an accessory that’s used to tie everything together or be your pop of color.

Scroll down for some guidelines to follow.

A color wheel is an easy way to find complementary and anagolous colors.

1. Keep your colors in the same family. For example, pastels with pastels and jewel tones with jewel tones.

2. Complementary colors are determined by the color wheel. Pair colors together that are opposite of each other on the color wheel. Robbie’s outfit is a great example of pairing complementary colors together. The l.a. Eyeworks Floorshow complements everything in her outfit and ties it all together.


3. Analogous colors are to the right and left of the color you choose on the color wheel. Pairing these colors is always a good idea.

4. If you are wearing a print, make that your main piece to determine your other colors to wear. It will pull all of the colors together. Erika paired this Theo Change green frame äóÂwith her floral print for spring and it looked great!IMG_20160319_100051.jpg5. Try different shades of the same color. If your frame is light pink, you can wear it with a äóÂdarker pink shirt or dress.

6. Black and white are always great worn with any accent color. A pair of hot pink glasses äóÂlike Lindy’s new Theo Transform frame is awesome with black and white!IMG_20160314_145310 (1).jpg

Whether you buy colored or neutral glasses, they should be styled properly with your outfit. Try to choose a color frame that works with your personal style and wardrobe, as this will make pairing glasses with your outfits easier.

Still not sure what color works for you? Stop by Eclectic Eye and let one of our eyewear architects help. We offer a variety of choices in eyewear, including lots of color, so you’ll be sure to find something you love!