Cardio Barre: 30 Day Challenge Review

By Jamie Yarbrough, eyewear architect

Now that our 30 day Cardio Barre challenge has come and gone, we want to share our experience with you.

We loved the classes and highly recommend it to anyone. The instructors were friendly and encouraging, and we felt more energetic and healthy after the classes. Plus, we got to wear fun glasses! What’s not to love?

Scroll down to see what Rebecca, Erika, Lindsay and myself had to say about the experience.


“During the classes, I chose to wear my MOSCOT Bella frames. The nose pad and tight adjustment on these frames help them stay in place while working out!” -Rebecca Allen

“I am quite nearsighted, so for clear vision while working out I prefer to swap my glasses out for my contacts. I love the Biofinity Toric contact lenses. Even when I’m sweating at Cardio Barre, I’ve found that these do not turn on me or feel dry.” -Erika McChesney

“Although it was challenging at times, Cardio Barre was such a great way to get in your cardio and have fun! The best part was getting to do it with my awesome group of co-workers at Eclectic Eye and wear my favorite, purple Bevel Specs.” -Lindsay Dotson
“I decided to wear my favorite Anne et Valentine Modern Cat frame to class to see how well it would stay on through the exercises. Much to my surprise, it did very well even with all the sweating! The frame has been adjusted to fit my face perfectly. It did not slip down my nose or fall off my face. So, if you have to wear your glasses to workout, make sure they are fitted to your face perfectly to avoid problems.” -Jamie Yarbrough
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