Eclectic Eyewear by Wissing

“To see and be seen” carries a new meaning in Memphis with the introduction of Eclectic Eyewear by Wissing. This colorfully curated collection takes striking, whimsical eyewear to the next level. Walter Wissing founded the German eyewear company in 1953 and has been pushing the limits of handmade, inventive, independent eyewear since its inception. Wissing is known worldwide for its audacious, unapologetic use of every color imaginable. The brand couples these statements with a vast variety of frame sizes, shapes and customizable treatments, so anyone who needs a pop of color can find their complementary style.

Wissing brings an extra special element to midtown because the collection you’ll find on our shelves was specifically designed by Eclectic Eye, for Eclectic Eye. The diverse collection allowed us to create unique combinations that are exclusive to our Memphis boutique. Each piece is stamped with our logo, so you know that your style was hand-selected by our buyer.

The eyewear architects at Eclectic Eye would love to help you infuse your eyewear wardrobe with one of these eye-catching frames. If you’d like to schedule an appointment for a custom fitting, please call 901-276-3937 or visit our eyecare page.

Eclectic Eyewear by Wissing A friendly eyewear warning: Eclectic Eyewear by Wissing will have you constantly making new friends, because strangers will stop you all over town to ask, “Where’d you get those glasses?!”