Introducing AHLEM

Champ de Mars - AHLEM

Eclectic Eye is excited to introduce our newest line, AHLEM, a classic collection with effortless and understated glamor. Designed by French-born artist, Ahlem Manai-Platt, this luxury eyewear line is based in Los Angeles, with the design studio located in Venice Beach. Heavily influenced by the style of her home city, the Paris native incorporates the timeless chic of the Parisian people and iconic architecture in every piece. Bastille - AHLEM

AHLEM names each frame after a neighborhood or landmark in Paris, from the Bastille to the Champs de Mars. The collection ranges from beautifully delicate metals to bold, rich acetates. It also features a large selection of suns in various materials. Each piece is handmade in small batches in the artists’ community of Oyonnax, southeast of Paris, near the Switzerland border. Oyonnax, located in the Jura Valley, is a mountain town famous for its craftsmanship and production of fine goods. The Jura region is a prolific source of some of the best eyewear in the world. So, it is no surprise that Manai-Platt chose it as the home of her manufacturing.

About the AHLEM Collection

The collection is fabricated with the best materials around. Every acetate used is from the historic Mazzucchelli house. The Mazzucchelli family maintains a reputation in Italy, and around the world, as the finest producers of custom acetates since 1849. These rare, vintage sheets, layered with multiple colors, create a depth and richness that can be seen and felt in each unique frame.

Ile St Louis - AHLEMThe metal pieces in the collection are made of gold- and silver-plated palladium with solid titanium nosepieces. They are incredibly light and comfortable, delicate in the way jewelry is, but nevertheless substantial. Each metal piece also features faceted ‘jewels’ of vintage acetate, embossed with the AHLEM logo and fixed at the very tips of each temple. The beauty of this line is truly in the details.

The collection embodies the natural savoir faire of the Parisian people: subtle and never overdone, yet intentionally styled and undeniably cool. Because of this relaxed elegance, they are entirely universal; they are versatile enough to work in endless situations and with any aesthetic. Stop by and find out why Beyoncé, Karlie Kloss and the entire Eclectic Eye team are obsessed with AHLEM.

By: Lee Blankenship, Eyewear Architect

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