theo eyewear

theo, pronounced Tay-O, is an independent eyewear brand that was started in 1987 in Antwerp and Bruges, Belgium. Patrick Hoet, designer and the anagram namesake of theo, teamed up with the Somers family to create original eyewear for their two optical shops. theo eyewear is specifically designed for those who desire something different in eyewear. It is all about incorporating individuality, a certain ‘edge’ and a touch of humor to eyewear. The theo goal, which has never changed, is to design eyewear along with the optician, and together give the customer an unforgettable experience while satisfying their eyewear needs.

theo eyewear History

The first theo frame released created such contagious enthusiasm that colleagues were soon asking the Somers family if they, too, could sell theo in their own shops. Little by little and country by country, theo has gradually won over more and more hearts, like the heart of billionaire Bill Gates and singer Elton John. Gates fell in love with theo’s Mele frame after a photo shoot with US News and ordered 10 more pairs, and Elton John has been a theo eyewear fan since the beginning. In November 2016, for the third year in a row, theo received a golden award in optical frame category in Hong Kong. And in 2017, theo will be celebrating 30 years in the eyewear industry.

Eclectic Eye has had an exclusive partnership with Theo in the Memphis area since October 2002. Theo represents modern architecture in eyewear while keeping ophthalmic prescriptions in mind. They do this by designing more distance between the two lenses, therefore centering the eyes. This allows lenses to look more visually appealing. This detail is especially important for stronger prescriptions.

theo eyewear in Modern Day

theo has grown into a platform where designers of all kinds, eyewear – fashion, furniture, etc. – can work in synergy rather than autonomy with a small group of enthusiastic employees to produce an amazing product. So much of the theo philosophy harmonizes with our own philosophy at Eclectic Eye. Motivation allows us to keep on inspiring and surprising. Put simply, it’s in our DNA.

theo also created another brand known as Eyewitness. theo Eyewitness is a limited edition asymmetrical eyewear collection. Designers produce only 200 of each model every year. Then new designs are released in the upcoming year. The brand is designed with one thing in mind: our heads and our bodies are not symmetrical, so why should eyewear be? In this brand, one lens may be a slightly different size and shape than the other lens on the same frame. And surprisingly, it fits! This is an eyewear collection where you go bold, or go home. With theo’s titanium material, the metal frames are practically indestructible and can be worn for many years.

theo loves new fans, so visit one of our stores and we will make you the newest theo fan!

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