Kuboraum: A Look Behind the Masks

“People are free in their lives – free to choose what’s good or bad for them, free to lose or to find, free to buy or hesitate.”

-Sergio Eusebi

KuboraumA simple quote from one of the originators of Eclectic Eye’s newest collection, Kuboraum, speaks volumes to the nonconformist energy which fuels this dynamic trio of eyewear innovators. Dreamlike, yet apocalyptic; transformative and organic, their brand is almost otherworldly. Here at Eclectic Eye, we are ecstatic to bring this breathtaking eyewear to the Mid-South.

The Beginning of Kuboraum

Kuboraum - Eclectic EyeSeven years ago, the creative sparks began when artist and designer, Livio Graziottin, met his future business partner – anthropologist and marketing director – Sergio Eusebi. They met at an opening reception in an art gallery for a mutual friend. And there, the wildfire that is Kuboraum was ignited. Since then, they have quickly expanded, attracting A-list eyewear connoisseurs such as Lady Gaga, David Lynch and Oprah Winfrey. Kuboraum is no flash in the pan, however, mainly because their beliefs and ideology extend beyond just selling frames. They have a clear understanding of the power of the pieces they create. Eyewear should be more than just ornamental for the sake of being flashy.

The Vision of Kuboraum

Kuboraum MemphisThe designers refer to their pieces as “masks,” expressing how what you wear on your face should emphasize the persona within, allowing your truest personality to surface. Kuboraum feels one should be comfortable with his or herself, embracing the power that the mask represents. This alone is an unheard of construct in the eyewear industry. It showcases just how truly avant-garde their approach is when designing their collections (which they refer to as concepts). Their insignia, “Dreamed in Berlin, made in Italy,” details how the masks pulsate with German inspiration, blended together with the high quality craftsmanship of the Italians.

The name, Kuboraum, comes from the Berlin word meaning “cubic room.” This may seem isolating at first, but the designers insist that the opposite is true. They want their wearers to feel freedom by putting on their masks, breaking free from societal norms. Kuboraum hopes to bridge the gap between outer representation and inner inclinations, allowing the wearer to feel at ease and release their truths.

The Look of Kuboraum

Kuboraum eyewearWhile the idea behind their eyewear is an art form in itself, the actual masks also radiate creativity in a wickedly abstract way. Kuboraum’s “concepts” range from raw to sleek, edgy to intricate. Dark and moody metals blend harmoniously with various organic elements. While other pieces seem ethereal and godlike. The designers also love deconstructing their frames, hammering, and even burning texture onto some of the surfaces. Processes like this not only make the frame a unique piece, but to me, these scars bring out a flawed beauty from within. Each mask has its own heartbeat, so to speak. It helps elevate its wearer to embrace the inner storms and/or harmony within. They create ophthalmic frames as well as sunglasses, some containing their 24-hour lenses, which are softly tinted and can be worn morning until night. It’s an eyewear line that truly has something for everyone, but could never be described as simple.

We look forward to seeing our patients transform as they try on these sophisticated pieces. Kuboraum understands eyewear should be exceptionally executed, dancing between the functional and abstract. This goes hand-in-hand with Eclectic Eye’s core value of loving and promoting independent, wearable art. I’m excited to see Memphis saturated with the bold and energetic eyewear that is Kuboraum.


By: Johnathan Underwood, Eyewear Architect

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This post originally appeared in StoryBoard Memphis.