Tips for Taking Care of Your Lenses

By Rebecca Allen, ABOC, eyewear architect

Have you ever looked at your lenses and noticed a cloudy film or a circular patterns of scratches in the lenses? Lenses may have scratch resistance, but they are definitely not scratch proof.

There are a lot of old habits that are hard to break when you’re taking care of your lenses, and with the investment you just made, don’t you want to keep them as scratch-free as possible?

The following are some easy to follow rules to keep those lenses in pristine condition!


  • Rinse lenses under warm water before rubbing them with a cloth.
  • Use a mild dish soap without lotion, scrubbing beads or harsh chemicals.
  • Only use a soft cotton or microfiber cloth to wipe lenses.
  • Store your frames in the case when they are not on your face.
  • Use a case to transport frames whenever they are not on your face.
  • Make sure your cloth is clean! You can wash the cloth and hang it to dry.
  • Keep out of reach of pets! Dogs, cats, rabbits, lizards, etc. all LOVE glasses.


  • Use paper towels, toilet paper, or facial tissue (these are both made with wood-based products and will scratch lenses).
  • Lay your frames down on a table lens down.
  • Use glass cleaner.
  • Keep frames in the hot car.
  • Keep frames in the bathroom, hairspray can eat the coatings.
  • Spit on your lenses to wet them, really, just don’t.
  • Put your frames in your pocket or purse without a case.
  • Put your frame in the dishwasher.
  • Use your shirt tail to wipe lenses – your shirt has particles that could scratch your lenses.
  • Try to buff away scratches, this will only make the scratches worse. Replacing lenses is the only true way to get rid of scratches!
  • Use fabric softeners when washing or drying cloths.