Andy Wolf, Love + Andy Wolf, Soul

“Why aren’t glasses made in such a personal, natural and familiar fashion?” That’s the question that Andreas, Wolfgang and Katharina asked themselves one night at dinner in 2006, which led them to launch eyewear brand Andy Wolf. They wanted to produce classic, yet modern frames that were unique and handcrafted to make a statement against the typical mass-produced pair of glasses. They proudly started their vision in Hartberg, Austria and still hand make their pieces there to support the local skilled opticians and craftsmen. Each and every frame of the collection goes through 90 working steps and through the hands of at least 50 different people during the creation of the frame. They only obtain acetate for their glasses from Italy, known for the having the highest quality acetate, making their unique handmade frames not only attractive but also sturdy.

When metal is heated in order to forge it, it glows with a white tint – that was the inspiration of the metal collection, WHITE HEAT. Andy Wolf introduced its first line of metal frames in Milan in 2014. Every frame in this collection is named for a famous metal sculptor.

Andy Wolf, Soul collection is easy, classic eyewear shapes in sophisticated colors. Just like the human soul, this line collection forms the center of Andy Wolf. The design and the perfect fit are the ethos of the Soul line.

Andy Wolf Love Collection sunglasses
Andy Wolf, Tobias sunglasses

Andy Wolf, Love is a line dedicated to the brand’s passion and adoration for striking color and design of eyewear. Designers draw inspiration from both international trends, fashion and culture from the past and the present, as well as serving as a homage to the eyewear of the 1970s.

Andy Wolf takes as much pride in their lenses as they do in their glasses. They only use Zeiss lenses for premium optical quality, high contrast and 100% UV protection in their sunglasses. All of Andy Wolf’s shades are limited editions with only 500 produced per color, with each of the sunnies numbered on the temple. Andy Wolf takes chances with its tints as well, and isn’t afraid to call a tint color “filthy,” because in the real world, humans are messy and our lenses get dirty. The brand embraces it, and fits some of the demo lenses with an off-clear tint to add some edginess to the overall look.

The trio behind Andy Wolf collections have managed to accomplish remarkable success within eleven years in the business. The style of this eyewear combines the vigor of youth with experience. Its key features fulfill the highest aesthetic criteria, but also provide ultimate comfort and functionality.