Expanding on our collection of independent eyewear, Eclectic Eye is excited to announce that we will be carrying a new line of premium reading eyewear, eyeOs. Founded and created by Sam Kotob, who has been designing eyewear for more than 15 years, this line came as an inspiration to him by his closest friends.

Through the 18-month creative development phase of eyeOs coming to life, Kotob knew that his friends, who were all in the 40+ age range, wanted affordable reading glasses that didn’t scream, “old person.” His unique way of crafting this line holds true to the intended clientele, reading glass wearers who want statement pieces for everyday wear.

The eyeOs line is not only richly creative and harnesses confidence and inspiration, but also is made of eco-friendly materials. Each frame is made from cotton fiber and colored with vegetable extracts and minerals, allowing them to be lightweight and alluring to the eye. Additionally, eyeOs are made with a refined finish and durable structure to ensure that they are built to last, with a refined touch.

EyeOs really embodies two things which we feel very strongly about offering our customers, quality and style!. Stop by the store and experience the comfort of these luxurious frames, as well as the meticulously crafted lenses, and help us welcome this line to the Eclectic Eye family!

“The exotic collection epitomizes our passion to produce the most beautiful eyewear of the utmost quality.” – Sam Kotob