Eclectic Eye presents Through My Lens by Sabrina Turner

Through My Lens by Sabrina Turner

Eclectic Eye

Now showing until September 19

“Through My Lens,” a collection of high resolution digital images that capture the beauty of nature in urban culture by Sabrina Turner, will be on display at Eclectic Eye until September 19. This collection is comprised of 13 framed and matted images, displaying everyday scenery that is unique and detailed. Turner’s pieces bring to life wonders of the world that would otherwise be hidden to the ordinary public.

Sabrina Turner is currently based in Memphis, Tennessee, and has been a professional photographer since 1990. She began taking pictures around the age of six, when she was given her first camera on a family vacation and realized her love of photography. Turner has perfected her craft through trial and error, learning to develop film and print images. Having used many film cameras and early low resolution digital cameras through the years, she continues to develop her art as the media evolves. She currently works exclusively in high resolution digital. Turner’s primary work is in medical photography as an ophthalmic photographer. Her true love, however, is to find and capture the beauty in everyday places and things.