Customer Feature: Jean Pitner and David Martino

At Eclectic Eye, we pride ourselves on providing an above and beyond experience to all customers who walk through our doors. Whether you buy one pair of glasses every few years, or 10+ pairs in a year, we truly appreciate your willingness to put your eyesight in our hands, and place money back into the local economy. As a small business, our reputation is what sets us apart from other optical shops in the area. We truly take those comments, reviews and feedback to heart.

We have so many dedicated patients and customers who come for our comprehensive exams, unique eyewear or simply our customer service. We don’t shy away from helping those who may need to have frames repaired that they did not purchase from Eclectic Eye. Our staff wants to make sure your vision is great, and that you absolutely love your glasses!

Recently, we reached out to some of our lovely customers and asked for feedback about their experiences with Eclectic Eye. The following is from two wonderful patients, Jean Pitner and David Martino.

Why did you first come to EE? I was at the Junior League of Memphis Merry Marketplace, and Robbie was there with a booth. She stopped me and asked about my glasses, and where I got them. I purchased them out of town while on business. I told her that I enjoy unique frames, and that I try to mix it up a bit. I like to say that I don’t wear the same shoes every day, so I didn’t think I should wear the same glasses every day. I also explained that I traveled internationally for business, and that I loved checking out optical shops while abroad and even other cities in the U.S. Robbie then shared with me that she and her husband had opened an optical boutique in Memphis and asked me to come by. The rest is history.

What do you love about EE? What do I not love? The customer service is beyond excellent. I love the dedication to independent eyewear designers and being able to purchase quality frames that you don’t see on everyone. I also enjoy the changing art and the trunk shows for specific designers, although I need to stay away because it causes me to buy more frames. Eclectic Eye stands behind everything they sell with a great warranty that is honored in the store!

I also appreciate the dedication of Dr. Mike and Dr. Carrie. They want to ensure that you have a thorough exam and your vision correction is as close to perfect as possible. Dr. Mike even gave me his cell number in case of an emergency. One weekend, I had to go to the minor emergency clinic for a problem with my eye, and they did not really help. I called Eclectic Eye first thing Monday for an appointment and was worked in that morning. Dr. Mike was able to help and told me to call him or text him next time, instead of going to the minor emergency clinic. That is true dedication to his patients.

What makes you come back to EE? It’s fun! I love going by the store and seeing what is new. You never know what new line of frames will be on the shelves, or which frames the staff may send you pictures of.

What does EE do differently that you enjoy? Eclectic Eye is more than just a “glasses fitter.” They want their clients to be fashionable with the right frames for their face, personality and style. They don’t just want to sell a customer a product.

Why do you recommend EE to others? Primarily for the excellent eye care. David had previously worn glasses, but they were not comfortable, and when we met he wasn’t wearing them. I had to read menus to him. I finally convinced him to get his eyes checked, but he wanted to go to a doctor that was in network. Needless to say, he got the exam and bought glasses and they were not right. He had them remade three times and settled for a less than optimal correction. His glasses stayed off more than they stayed on. I finally convinced him to get an exam from Dr. Mike and some new glasses. Amazingly, the prescription was perfect the first time! David is now convinced that you can have nice frames and great vision! I may have created a monster. Plus, he has a third pair noted to purchase a little later this year!

Additional comments: If you are looking for a wonderful shopping experience that will result in awesome frames and clear vision without running into yourself all the time, Eclectic Eye is the place to go!

Receiving comments and feedback like this is why we love our customers! Join in their experience and stop by Eclectic Eye six days a week!

By: Rebecca Allen, Team Lead