Eyewear Architects: Selecting the Perfect Frames

Selecting your perfect frames

Finding the perfect pair of glasses can be a difficult and often overwhelming journey. So many choices, so many factors, so many details can contribute to the overall appearance and performance of a frame. But, when the perfect specs do eventually appear, they can change your world in more ways than one. The eyewear architects at Eclectic Eye are here to do the hard work for you. They’re here to help you find that perfect pair of frames by pulling a selection tailored to you. Here’s a little sneak peek into the process that leads us to our choices when selecting the perfect frames.

Frame fit and shape is one major factor we consider. First things first: I’d like to do a little myth-busting on the matter of shape. You have probably heard or read that certain shaped lenses (round, cat eye, aviator) work with certain face shapes. And that certain face shapes (oval, narrow, heart-shaped) cannot pull off certain frame shapes. While a very specific shape may not work on one person’s face as well as another, the idea that you need to avoid all frames of a certain shape is something we believe to be untrue. When selecting the perfect frames, we want them to fit properly, to be comfortable and to work in your prescription. How do we know if your prescription will work well in a specific frame? It’s all about that curve.

Other Factors to Consider When Selecting the Perfect Frames

The strength of your prescription affects the shape and curve of a lens. The higher the prescription power, whether plus or minus, the more dramatic the curve of the lens. Eyewear architects use this information (as well as a few other, more intricate qualities of the prescription) to determine which frames will complement the Rx technically and aesthetically. Smaller, more symmetrical lenses may work better for a higher-power prescription, while an exaggerated cat eye would be perfect in a milder power.

After we determine the appropriate lens size and shape for you, we can then find the frame that fits perfectly. Every frame is composed of a combination of selecting the perfect framesmeasurements, from the bridge to the temple, which eyewear architects have become so familiar with that they’re almost like a second language. We use these measurements (and personalized adjustments) to ensure the frame looks and feels like it was made for you.

Lastly, we use in-depth knowledge of all our independent frame lines to determine the perfect style for you. If you’re looking for something conservative and classic, New York’s vintage-inspired Moscot or England’s mod Booth & Bruce may be the right fit. For something more modern, we might point you to France’s minimalist and masculine Exalto, or Mykita, the ultra-sleek and forward thinking line out of Germany. Sister brands Theo and Anne et Valentin from Belgium and France, respectively, are funky, yet elegant, and would be a staple in any eclectic wardrobe. Whether you’re a seasoned frame collector or coming in for your first pair, we’ll find something that fits your aesthetic.

Schedule an appointment with one of our eyewear architects to get help selecting the perfect frames. If you’re in need of a prescription, our esteemed doctor’s are happy to see you for an eye exam!